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Attractions of the Heart eBook, 2nd Edition

January 22nd, 2014

Greetings All!

I’m happy to announce that my award-winning anthology, “Attractions of the Heart”, is once again available in eBook format for any who have missed it the first time around. Of course I have plenty of newer stories on Amazon, but the eighteen erotic tales of lesbian romance in “Attractions” were written purely from my vivid imagination when I was a ’straight, married mother of three’ who had no clue that she was living vicariously through her characters. Now married to the woman of my dreams, I admit I don’t have the desperate urge to write as I did back then, but that hasn’t stopped me from churning out stories I absolutely love telling. If you haven’t read anything by yours truly, you really should ;) I added that because one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be more assertive. How am I doing? LOL.

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Attractions of the Heart, a romantic collection of erotic short stories, begins with a hot date, and ends with a commitment ceremony. Enjoy a lovely meal at “Lobster Box.” Take a Caribbean vacation and plan ground rules that aren’t set in stone in “Best Friends Don’t F*ck.” How about “Going Fishing” for the ultimate hook up? Or “Taking Chances” on love when the stakes are high. Who said “Climbing Rocks,” “Dogging,” or “Trucking” couldn’t lead to sexcapades? Maybe you need an “Exercise Dyke” for the supreme workout or you wonder when designing a cookbook as a fundraiser for your softball team, “Does The Butch Come With The Recipe?” Maybe you’re ready to take a “Mile High Dare.” Whatever your tastes, Cheri Crystal offers an impressive selection. So, have fun with “Tina in Toyland,” hire an “Escort,” say, “Me, Too,” for a three-way, win an award in “Debut,” have a “Nightcap,” or try “Keeping Up With Hornelia,” but don’t miss “Seeing It Through.”

For critically acclaimed, “funny, charming stories,” “crisp writing,” “frank sexuality,” and “top of the line female eroticism,” Cheri Crystal’s Attractions of the Heart has something for everyone.


Mom bribed, threatened, and begged me to stop chopping off my hair with her fabric shears and ordered me to put on a little rouge—her word, not mine. I was offered everything from a nose job, because I broke the schnozzola twice tackling the football team in the schoolyard just to prove they weren’t so tough, to a trip to Disney. Seriously, Disney! I refused to have my teeth fixed and thought the overbite gave me character. My teeth were crooked, but so what? They worked. If I had to, I could rip through uncooked flesh with my uneven choppers.
Mom said I had such pretty blue eyes, and if only I’d use a bit of mascara to show off my light lashes. Yeah, right Mom. Like I’d be caught dead in make-up. She also threatened that I’d be grounded if I didn’t stay out from under cars, but her words were meaningless, and I knew it. While other girls snuck cigarettes or gave head behind the bleachers, I was sneaking an oil change or doing brake jobs at Fred’s Body Shop. Mom gave up for good when I told her I was joining the Corps.

Up until I left for Parris Island, April and I hung out in my basement getting high and listening to CDs, mostly heavy metal for me or pop rock and shit like that for her. She was the only person on the planet who didn’t try to change me. She was also my number one fantasy, but I never told her that. Heck, I don’t think I admitted it to myself. Until now…now that it was too late.

I had often relived her sixteenth birthday party, and here on her wedding day, I couldn’t help but go there again. Without mercy, my mind played tricks on me and brought me back to that night. She was sweet sixteen and never been kissed. I knew this for a fact. All the kids in our pack played truth or dare. Someone had dared me to kiss April. And she looked, well, aside from being a total babe, she was suddenly bold, and I felt like a heart attack waiting to happen.

The guys punched their fists in the air, and more than a few girls joined in on the chant. “Do it! Do it!” The whistles and catcalls echoed in time with my heart. I walked over to her, took her hands in mine and gazed directly into her sparkling eyes. She glanced at my lips and licked hers in what seemed like a silent movie in slow motion.

A boy had kissed me, once, but April’s kiss was different. Monumentally different. We leaned toward each other as the shouts grew louder. I placed my lips on hers, not fully registering the noise surrounding us, forgetting what and where I was and why I was doing this in front of our friends. I expected a platonic peck, but she had a better idea. Our first kiss was laced with a lingering caramel nougat flavor and had a sweetness all its own. I can still taste it.

Every cell in my body was on alert from that electrified embrace.
*** End of excerpt***

Cheri Crystal
Author of Attractions of the Heart, 2010 Golden Crown Literary Winner
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Does a rose by any other name smell as sweet…

October 22nd, 2013

…Hopefully sweeter.

Good news…
I’ve changed the title and updated the story now titled, Business or Pleasure, hoping that will entice readers to no end. Anyone interested in a hot transgender story might want to take a gander.
There’s more to Alex King than meets the eye both on the surface and the interior.

When Raina’s boss hires a consultant named Alex King, a much sought after financial adviser, she finds herself resisting more than professional competition. The last thing Raina needs is a consultant to tell her is how to do her job. What she doesn’t count on is Alex’s persistence. Alex might be as sexy as hell, and Raina is determined to fight temptation, but her pesky salacious thoughts are no match even for a control freak. She longs to crack the consultant’s impeccable facade. Can Raina remain aloof? Or will she acquiesce to the heated advances of Alex King? Will it be business or pleasure? That’s the question in what could be the ultimate office hook up Raina discovers what you see isn’t necessarily what you get—it’s actually better.

Not accustomed to being immobilized in the presence of just anyone, I met this Alex King’s outstretched hand, shocked when his firm grasp electrified me up to my armpits. I hadn’t missed how his narrow waist led to…damn, any hot-blooded woman couldn’t fail to notice his porn star-sized package, if she was in the market for it. Which I wasn’t. It had been years since I had been attracted to a man. Now, masculinity, that’s another thing. It’s true that I liked my women butch, and my pussy came alive when they packed, but I hadn’t considered a cis-gendered man since college. Who was this man? Where had he come from to exude such blatant confidence, thus undermining my own? Instead of sporting a professional hairstyle, his longish, wavy hair, gelled to a lustrous sheen, was reason enough to discount his credibility. How could I take a man seriously when he looked so damn sexy in a suit? Not that I was prone to falling for stereotypes, but his pretty-boy smile, emphasis on pretty, bold swagger and charisma tainted my first impression anyway.

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September 8th, 2013

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Book Description
Publication Date: September 6, 2013 (Revised Version)

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A dietitian and a medical resident are set up on a blind date by Edna Rubenstein, a persistent, meddling, mutual friend. Laurie lives on Long Island but she works as a dietitian in the Bronx. Leslie lives in the Bronx and is doing her residency there as well. Laurie hopes they don’t end up talking diets but she wouldn’t mind playing doctor. Will the best date ever lead to more than they ever dreamed possible?

Mom always said, “Don’t let boys touch you there,” but she never said anything about girls. Her other favorite saying was, “Why should he buy the cow, when he can get the milk for free?” Well, Ma, she bought the cow!
But let me back up a bit.
. . .

“You’re beautiful.” She breathed the words into my ear, sending goose bumps down my spine.
“You too.”
Her face was like ice, but her mouth, so warm and welcoming, heated me to the core. I desperately wanted to move further south towards her other warmth, but my mother’s warning about cows and milk haunted me. I had to slow this down. She was too important to risk giving it away for free. My dilemma was soon forgotten. She reached around me and opened the car door. I practically fell into the seat and she tumbled in after me. We didn’t go all the way, but her kisses were out of this world.
I can’t remember her driving us back to my house, but I can remember every detail about her talented tongue and passionate embrace that left us both breathless.
“There’s a great place on City Island I’d love to show you. Are you up for lobster and all the trimmings?”
“Lobster?” She was a resident and lobster dinners weren’t cheap. I could offer to split the bill.
“Oh no, I should have asked first. Do you keep kosher?”
“Me? No. I love lobster, bacon, and veal parmesan is my favorite. If that means I’m going straight to hell, Do not pass go, do not collect $200, then too bad.”
“Good because you’ll have more fun in hell with the rest of us. How about we go to the Lobster Box next Saturday then?”
“Lobster Box?” I grinned. “Great name.”
“Don’t start. I’m sure that’s not what they meant. If you’d rather go to Seashore, we could do that instead.”
“No way, I think the box sounds like a lot more fun.” I winked, and then I remembered teasing wasn’t fair if I wasn’t planning on putting out. I tucked away my grin by sucking the insides of my cheeks with my teeth, which only served to make me look like a fish. Leslie tried to keep a straight face, but she ended up laughing her ass off and so did I.


July 24th, 2013

Jaylyn Dayley, professional stuntwoman, isn’t afraid of anything. Except commitment. She can tuck and roll, crash and burn, and walk away unscathed, but can she survive the searing heat of her attraction for the lovely Monika Morning during her stint as the actress’ stunt double? mirror-image_cover_edited-ex-sm
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June 3rd, 2013

I’m really proud to be among the elite list of proactive women with the cancer gene who choose double mastectomy. In order to reach out to as many women as possible who are dealing with finding out they have BRACA I or II markers for breast cancer. I hope reading my blog helps. I did it before Angelina Jolie, but I’m very grateful for her bravery and for discussing this option publicly. She is doing a great service to women. The following is my Facebook blog while I was going through it. I intend to update this blog soon as it’s almost been three years since my surgery and I couldn’t be happier with making the decision.
Braca2 and Preventive Bilateral Mastectomy
by Cheri Crystal (Notes) on Thursday, August 5, 2010 at 11:28pm
Hi there, I’m home and thank you all for your wishes. After finding out I’m braca2 positive like my mom and sister not too long ago, I had a bilateral mastectomy with the first stage of reconstruction. I had a great team, a breast surgeon I trust with my life, who saved my mom’s life, and the plastic surgeon who Dr. Kostroff swears does exceptional work, Dr. Lyle Leipziger, went much better than expected. I had the surgery Tuesday morning, it lasted about 4 hours, and I was in recovery for a long while but got to a regular room by that evening. I consider this preventive surgery a life-saving alternative to an 87% chance of getting breast cancer by the time I’m 70. They biopsied the three nodules found on the MRI in my left breast and I’ll have the results by tomorrow. I pray Dr. Kostroff calls with a boring report of everything is benign.

In retrospect, the decision to remove my breasts was a no-brainer, although it didn’t feel like it at the time. I watched my mom suffer an invasive form of breast cancer, endure surgery, chemo and radiation and I didn’t want to do that to my family or myself. I was 13 when my grandma died prematurely from cancer. My dad wasn’t even 70 when he died from cancer and even his mom had breast cancer. I inherited the breast cancer gene and after two biopsies in the past, I opted to be safe rather than sorry. With the option of reconstruction being covered by insurance companies by law, I will have nicer boobs than the 52 year old ones that served me very well thus far. I’ve cried so many tears at the thought of losing these fibrous lumps of fatty tissue, but now, I am relieved beyond compare. I won’t have to take Tamoxiphen. I won’t have to be screened every four months for the rest of my life and I will never have to have another mammogram, sonogram or MRI of my breast tissue again. Funny, but I still feel like the same Cheri even without my real breasts. I’m really looking forward to the last two surgeries when I get my new and improved boobies.

A really and truly blessed and grateful,
Braca2 discussion continued…
by Cheri Crystal (Notes) on Friday, August 6, 2010 at 1:12am
This all happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to belabor a bilateral mastectomy decision for too long. I found out my mom tested positive for braca2, I scheduled us for genetic counseling, one sister has it too :(, my other sis and bro think ignorance is bliss, and I scheduled… a mammo, sono and visit with the breast surgeon pronto. She sent me for an MRI and the radiologist called to schedule me for a biopsy of the three nodules in my left breast. I already had two biopsies, one was a removal of a cluster of calcification and the other was also thank God benign, but could turn. I hated all the non-surgical options and feeling like a ticking time bomb with crappy odds and voila, breast cancer free. Love and hugs and thanks for all your continued love, support and friendship. I wasn’t sure if I should post this on Facebook, but if I can save just one woman from breast cancer, it’ll all be worth it.


The Miracle of Modern Medicine: Update B/L Mastectomy: Day Four
by Cheri Crystal (Notes) on Saturday, August 7, 2010 at 2:08pm
Things are moving along nicely. It’s day 4 status post surgical removal of my breasts with stage one of the reconstruction and I can honestly say I’m much better physically and emotionally than I ever expected. Someone once counseled me during my troubled youth suffering for years with a distorted body image that ‘I am not my body.’ The psychologist was right. It may have taken me 52 years to believe him, but this type of surgery, not being handed a cancer diagnosis and the outpouring of love and support have clinched it. I’m still me.

While I work in healthcare and see the hands people are dealt and how they deal with everything from amputations, advanced disease, chronic and debilitating illnesses that rob them of the quality of life, I don’t have to be reminded to be thankful for each and every day I can enjoy even the simplest of pleasures. Today I finally pooped and miracle of miracles—it started my day off perfectly! See, simple pleasures.

It’s hard to believe the surgery was Tuesday morning and here it is Saturday morning and I’m up and about. The exudates collecting in the drains is lessening, the pain is more sore than sharp, it comes and goes but mostly it’s there to remind me not to overdo it. I love Dr. Kostroff’s discharge instructions: “I know you’re a do-er…but Don’t!” This is very hard advice to follow but my chest screams at me when I don’t listen. Good thing or I’d have yanked out the drains by accident.

You know I’m truly on the mend when I whine that I’m suffering terminal boredom. I’m ready to run, jump, swim, and just get on with all the activities of daily living without restrictions. I’d kill for a long shower and shampoo. Still, I’m being a good little dietitian. I’m eating right, hydrating adequately and dreaming of the day I can resume my exercise.

Learning patience is virtue and fighting it every step of the way, I’m thankful for all my cherished friends and family. I’m being spoiled rotten and will try not to let it go to my head. Now fetch me my slippers! Kidding.

Healing begins in the mind. So does feeling worthy, smart, beautiful, sexy, and all that is good. Life’s trials remind us of this fact. It’s life. L’Chaim!

Love and hugs,
More Chatter from Cheri
by Cheri Crystal (Notes) on Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 12:36pm
Day 5 and I may have overdone it a bit yesterday so I’ll even the score and lay low today. Still, I feel pretty good, things are moving along nicely. The drains are quite annoying but there’s much less fluid collecting, which is a good sign. The drain on the left side is leaking making my armpit moist most of the time. It’s a bit yucky, but sterile gauze helps with that. I really can’t complain, so maybe I’ll even get some writing done today. My friend Joan Duncan wrote me a poem I simply must show off. Stay tuned for my next note.
Love and hugs,

“You Can” by Joan M. Duncan
by Cheri Crystal (Notes) on Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 12:44pm
You Can

So you have survived your surgery
So you have been through hell
So you have beaten the odds

So you have risen like the phoenix
Ascending like a golden avatar, brave and strong
So you can smile now
So you can belly-laugh now
So you can heal now

So you can hope again
So you can live again
So you can love again

So you can touch the sky
and with complete candor proclaim
you are ready for the long haul

So you can bow your head
and say thank you to the One most high
So you can breathe again

©2010 Joan M. Duncan
Took extra strength Tylenol at 10 pm last night–really needed it. Woke at 3 am and WOW, but I think the nerves woke up or something because I gave in and took 2 Vicodin. That was the best sleep until 6 am. Three hours of uninterrupted sleep, not counting the vivid dreams.

Yesterday Jo yelled at me (long distance) for using deodorant–reminder: keep complaints of burning armpits to myself. Okay, so smelling is preferable to fire in the tender area. Just don’t get too close.

Today, before Alan left for the office, he said it’s my breasts, but to try not to get into trouble the hour he’s gone. As if I can’t behave myself for a whole hour! Hrmpfff.

There are birds or crustys or God knows what in my hair. Still, I will be patient and considerate and not wake Sara up at 6:45 am to unload the dishwasher and empty the sink so she can wash my hair. Nice of me, huh?

I just realized that at 4′ 11′ except for the stuff on the floor, counters and under the sink, there’s little I can reach without stretching my arms higher than I was supposed to this past week. I hope I didn’t do any damage. Even the microwave is way above my head. I designed the kitchen all wrong for a short person, not that there’s much space in which to improvise without knocking down walls and building out…still, it would help if I can walk on ceilings.

Today at 12:30 I am scheduled to see the breast surgeon and she’s going to be the woman I’ve been waiting for all my life, but ONLY if she takes out these drains. I will seriously pout and fight the urge to throw a tantrum if she leaves it for the plastic surgeon on Wednesday. Forgive me if I’m in a theatrical mood today or just behaving like a petulant child, but I own a t-shirt that reads “Drama Queen,” courtesy of Jo < thanks Sweetie> and if the t-shirt fits… ;)

Let’s see, what else? I will lose my current standing as Chief in Charge of the Complaint Department if I don’t let it all out. Oh yeah, I had the Vicodin–miracle drug (did I complain about it a few days ago? What did I know!?) I should have appreciated all the wonderful BMs I had yesterday to make up for lost time, but No! I didn’t say prayers of thanks. Now I may have to resort to wishful thinking for a few days if the plumbing gets clogged up again. There’s always liquid Drano.

I can’t wait to see my naked chest and hope Dr. Kostroff has to change these sweaty bandages. I can only hope. I had a walk last night and that did my mind a world of good, but I did get sweaty. If the feet work, use them I always say, sometimes.

I’m going into manufacturing cottage cheese or bake bread, TMI, so stop reading here if you don’t want to know, but all these heavy-duty antibiotics are allowing the yeast to go wild. Great!? Sigh.

I’ll write more after I’ve gone and come back from the doctor. Thanks for listening to my Rants by Cheri. Really, I’m good, I’m just getting antsy in the pantsy, in case you couldn’t tell.

Love and hugs,
You know who
Drama Queen
It’s All About Me
Too much sitting
blah, blah, blah
Day 8? I’m losing track of the days already.
by Cheri Crystal (Notes) on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 11:41pm
I seriously have my nights and days mixed up as my sleep patterns are screwy from St. Louis. Really folks, you can call me at 2:30 am and I’ll most probably be awake.
Today I saw the breast surgeon. He couldn’t get over that it’s only been one week post-op. It’s all the high quality protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grain breads and cereals I’m consuming. I’m also careful to remain adequately hydrated to metabolize this nourishing food in order to promote healing. It pays to know a good dietitian, lol, and I am listening to myself for a change. You can tell I’m very anxious to get on with my life and move about at will.

As I continue to enjoy and appreciate all of your comments, I can finally say, I may shower with my back to the water. While I have to be careful to avoid soaking the steri-stips, the stitches have been removed, and I’m healing nicely. I have to lay low another two weeks. I can do this.

Thank you all for listening and for everything.You guys have been amazingly supportive in my time of need. How do I ever thank you enough?

Love, Cheri with the perky, albeit temporary, boobs, lol. Looking forward to the softer implants…very much.
Lymph Nodes are Clean
by Cheri Crystal (Notes) on Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 1:12pm
Lymph Nodes are Clean! Doing a gentle dance without lifting my arms above my elbows and being careful not to shake my boobs, booty or otherwise. Actually, I’m doing a virtual dance, it’s my safest bet.

On a delightful note, I showered today. Come on over and smell how clean, lol. I had to keep my back to the water faucet, but I managed nicely and feel better. Aside for my painful armpits and sharp twinges every now and then on or about my chest, I’m doing fine and dandy. No complaints.

The only thing that has me bummed is that the surgeon said I can’t go for these walks, especially in the heat and humidity. Whahhh, I’m already showing signs of a big bum. Oh well, I’ll behave. Warning: I may be crankier than usual without my daily walks. Just saying.

I’m convinced that the love and support I have from everyone is why I’m healing right on schedule. I wouldn’t dare do otherwise and suffer the consequences of letting you all down.

On this note, I wish you all a fantabulous day and an even better tomorrow. I’m taking it easy. I’ll read, revise my novel, perhaps I’ll promote my Wet and Wild story coming out tomorrow and try not to be jealous when my characters have all the fun at a water park.

Take care all~!

Love and hugs,


Three weeks today I had a double mastectomy
by Cheri Crystal (Notes) on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 5:34pm
You know it’s time to go back to work when being home is just too boring, you’re easily distracted, the weather sucks and the pain isn’t bad enough to justify pain meds, but you’re still not allowed to do anything strenuous. I didn’t think I’d say this so soon, but I’m ready to go back to work or at the very least, start exercising again. I’m swim-deprived. That just about sums up my mood. Still, I’m thankful these past three weeks went better than I expected. I’ve been reading a lot, I got to take my middle son to college, go to Newport, and I’ve made some progress revising my novel to get it ready for submission. I need to promote Wet and Wild and think I should offer a free copy. The thought of getting Wet and Wild right about now is so enticing. It feels more like a wet spring than the end of the summer. Swimming outdoors isn’t even an option even if I were allowed to use my arms. I imagine Splish Splash, the LI water park is not too crowded today, if it’s even still operating. Oh well, I will have to write something new, fun, exciting and get my brain cells out of this funk.

A more cheerful Cheri later, I promise.
One month and three days after double mastectomy
by Cheri Crystal (Notes) on Saturday, September 4, 2010 at 12:31am
I can’t believe it’s been four weeks and three days since my bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction due to having inherited the Braca2 genetic mutation. On Wednesday, the surgeon filled the breast extenders with 50 cc saline in each breast to stretch the skin. This will allow the skin to accommodate the implants in October when he switches the extenders for silicone implants. I still can’t get over how perky my boobs are. I put on a bathing suit today and walked back and forth in the pool. What a great feeling to be submerged in water even if I couldn’t do my laps just yet. With Hurricane Earl on the way, I admit my breasts are acting like a barometer and I do feel more sore today than yesterday, but it’s not intolerable and I’m not taking anything for pain. The surgeon said I can resume the treadmill and any other exercise from the waist down–whoo hoo! I just have to be careful and go slow with my upper body. Believe me, my chest screams if I do anything dumb and so I’m behaving myself.

On that note, I’m still relieved it’s over, happy I drastically reduced my risk of breast cancer and at peace with my decision. My next quest is how big should I go? I’m leaning towards a C-cup, but a full B would be okay too. This should afford me the most comfort while not appearing too top heavy for a woman 4′11 1/2″ tall. Practical, no? Recommendations welcome, lol.

My breast implant BURPS. OH NO!!!
by Cheri Crystal (Notes) on Monday, October 25, 2010 at 11:55pm
Okay, so I’m status post surgery by let’s see how many days? Oh yeah, 4 days, and I feel pretty good. Soreness and shooting pains less frequent, a lot less frequent, but now I have this pesky side effect from the breast implant on the right side. MY RIGHT BOOB BURPS! THIS IS NOT FUNNY. AND JO’S SUGGESTION THAT I ENTERTAIN GUESTS WITH MY BURPING BOOB IS REALLY NOT FUNNY.

I sure hope this is temporary. Please tell me this is temporary. I see the surgeon on Wednesday. I have my first question ready and will try not to bombard him with it the minute he walks in the exam room. I said “I’ll try” ;)



I am so very truly blessed. My Sara wrote this for me–talk about happy tears…
by Cheri Crystal (Notes) on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 5:56pm
Dear Momma,
Out of all the days in the year, this is one that really matters to me. The birth of my mother … the creation of the most passionate, loving and energetic woman I know. Not many people can say that their mom had a dream and really went for it. Many people go through life thinking what if. You go through life thinking why not. I’m glad to have someone so influential in my life. Your daily actions impact me and how I will approach things in the future. Even when the going gets tough, you stay strong and hold it out because you and I both know that in the end, things will work themselves out. I really do admire you for this. Going through a double mastectomy before anyone else in your family really shows how brave you are. I’m proud of you. Single handedly cooking a Passover dinner three years in a row is also a huge deal. Also, being able to pursue your dream as a writer takes a huge drive. You have that drive and it is one I need to gain. Anyway, today is your birthday and I hope that all your dreams and wishes come true. I love you so much… more than you love me! – Don’t try to fight me on this one. Happy birthday!

Wet and Wild–2nd Edition is Avalable Now

May 21st, 2013


When two best buds seek revenge on an old high school rival, wet and wild hardly describes the wicked day Patricia, Davida and Lisa have at a water park.

Born on the same day and in the same maternity ward, Patricia and Davida have been friends since the cradle. Theirs is a rock-solid friendship up until high school, when one pretty, hot and tempting Lisa “Diva” cheerleader gets between them with her relentless flirting and vicious lies. Their bond at the umbilical cord is severed, but not for long.

Ten years later, Patricia and Davida meet Lisa again. This time, revenge and salacious sex of the wet and wild kind might just put their past to rest.


. . . I was tempted to reach Davida and call off the prank, but I got so involved watching Lisa soap up, the moment passed. When she washed my back, I nearly drowned in desire. I prayed she couldn’t detect how her actions had turned me on. Sharing a narrow stream of water that had to be restarted every couple of seconds meant standing real close. The delicious sensations racing through my body . . . reduced me to a trembling wreck.
At first, I didn’t notice we had company. When I moved my face out from under the water and turned, Davida was there, buck-naked. She had Lisa in a hold, stealing her breath away in a fierce, almost mean-spirited kiss that left Lisa visibly shaken, but obviously aroused. Her nipples and goose flesh were a dead giveaway.

Start the weekend off with a new haircut…

May 3rd, 2013

…courtesy of a New ‘Nude’ Neighbor.
With a looming deadline to complete her doctoral thesis too close for comfort, the last thing Dane needs is one more distraction. When a sexy woman rings her bell and claims to be her new neighbor, all thoughts of cerebral pursuits fly right out of Dane’s head and settle directly in her crotch.
New 'Nude' Neighbors

As luck would have it, rejuvenated creativity and the erotic theme of a classic text started my juices flowing, especially after reading a saucy scene about kissing, perfume, and breasts, and yes, I could really get into that. All at once, my head cleared. Everything made perfect sense. I had begun to expand upon ideas and tie up loose ends–my fingers flying over the keyboard–when the doorbell rang.
“Now what?”
I stood up abruptly and this time the chair shot across the floor. Luckily, the wheels caught in the shag pile throw rug before the seat reached the wall, or worse, knocked over my extensive DVD collection.
In rapid succession, the doorbell sounded twice more. Our fearless Maltese-Yorkies, Romeo and Juliette, barked their furry white heads off and got underfoot, adding to my frustration. In a huff, I inadvertently stepped on Juliette’s tail.
“Sorry, Jules,” I muttered and yanked the door open, still cursing, prepared to send the intruder away, but I caught my breath in midair instead. I choked and sputtered as if I’d inhaled a bumblebee.
“Howdy there, neighbor.” She offered a delicate, well-manicured hand.
“I’m Lexi.” Her painted fingernails matched the pink shade of her lipstick both complimenting her ivory complexion and the long blonde hair that cascaded past her waist and brushed her backside. I opened the door wider, gently shooed the dogs back, and stepped out onto the porch. The sun, well into its descent towards the horizon, provided the perfect backdrop for her exquisite beauty.
“Dane,” I managed. The scripted pink letters across the front of her sheer, white belly shirt drew my gaze to her cleavage. I hoped my lips hadn’t formed the word wow, gazing at a deep vee neckline showing enough of her voluptuous breasts to whet my appetite. It was difficult, but I made a conscious effort to put my tongue back inside my mouth.

BEST FRIENDS DON’T FUCK is back by popular demand

April 21st, 2013

Two sexy girls posing on the beach
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Cate has vacationed in the tropics with her best friend, Joy, for years. Much to her dismay, she finds her sex-crazed-self wanting more than a perfect travel companion or a quick romp, except Joy is off-limits. How will Cate avoid erupting like a volcano if Joy ignores her advances?

Cate and Joy are best friends, business partners, and travel buddies. Everything is perfect…a lush tropical island, white sandy beaches, a sparkling swimming pool and a cozy bedroom…until Cate finds herself suffering from acute sexual frustration. Joy fights the inevitable and avoids taking their friendship to the next level. After all, according to Joy, best friends don’t fuck and there’s too much to lose if it doesn’t work out. Would you take the plunge?

“What do you mean you gave away our room?” Joy demanded.
“I’m sorry, Miss. It was an oversight.” The clerk didn’t look all that sorry. Joy looked like she was about to rearrange his meek face. I saw the pulse in her neck beat in sync with my heart.
“Well, you’d better check again because we were confirmed.”
“I have one room left.” He glanced up from the screen. “But it has only one king- sized bed.”
“We’ll take it,” I said, pushing Joy out of the way with my hip. I took our keys while her stare bored through my head. “We’re adults. Surely, we can manage to share a bed without touching.”
Joy looked as skeptical as I felt, but she silently agreed, and we went to get settled.
“You’d better keep to your side, Cate.” Joy dumped her duffle bag on the bed, choosing the right. “And no parading around here in your underwear or naked. Deal?”
“Sure thing, boss.” I flashed a toothy grin. “Anything else?”
“Yeah. No eating in bed.”
“I guess sex is out then, too.”
She threw a ball of socks and hit me squarely on the jaw. I cracked up and beat her to the bathroom. We took turns changing into swimsuits and headed out for fun in the sun. Joy complained about lathering sunscreen on my back, but her massage affected me to the tips of my toes in a sweet torture that collected in my clit.
The hotel pool had waterslides, underwater bars, and even an aquarium. As I watched Joy swim laps, I fell deeper in love. We spent the day parasailing and alternating between snorkeling in the surf and swimming in the pool.
That night, we retired to our room and undressed for bed. Joy wore sweats and I thought she’d die of heat frustration. I didn’t sleep a wink with her near enough for me to tell she couldn’t sleep either. Counting her breaths didn’t help lull me. I fought the urge to tackle her as she lay at the very edge of the mattress. Less than an inch and she’d be on the floor.
“Well, goodnight then.” Her voice was thick and huskier than usual.
“Night, Joy. Sleep tight.”


March 21st, 2013


Barbara is a ‘totally’ straight married mom living in comfortable hetero-privilege. She has never had reason to suspect she was a lesbian before. Soon after a total hysterectomy, fate intervenes and throws her ordered life into total chaos. Further complications ensue when she finds herself attracted to women, and then falls in love with Adina, who is also a married woman with children. What is Barbara to do when a hot and steamy affair threatens her world and rocks her soul in a way she never imagined?


“I’m sorry, Barbie, I don’t know what came over me.” Her voice faltered and her beautiful smile slid into a contorted frown.
I couldn’t allow that. She’d get wrinkles in her flawless complexion, so I did what any good friend would do. I kissed her. And this time, seconds slowed to lust-filled moments, followed by hours. My sense of self awakened. I needed to embrace every part of her body. I savored how smooth and creamy her skin felt, especially her face, and reveled in her all-consuming response to my touch. I explored the inside of her mouth with my tongue and cherished her flesh with eager hands. I longed to make love to her until I had memorized each hill and valley in what promised to be the most treasured and pleasant journey of my life.
She entangled her fingers in my hair and clutched my head in a seductive hold. I used my hands to grope her back and grip her ass and to maneuver our bodies until we were completely attached to each other from our lips to our breasts. I pushed my crotch against her thigh and kissed her deeper still. She responded by fondling my hardened nipples.
“Oh, my God,” I said, following the most satisfying kiss I’d ever had. “I can’t get enough of you—”
“Nor I, you.”
“Follow me,” I said, taking her hand. I led her to the spare bedroom off the kitchen. It was the closest place, and my body couldn’t wait any longer.
Once inside the room, I turned to face her again. My resolve wavered. “Are you sure about this?” I asked, praying she wouldn’t back down.


March 21st, 2013


In a well-attended civil ceremony, Lauren made an honest woman out of the only girl she ever loved. Lauren and Sue had it all—a modest home in a trendy neighborhood, two wonderful children, a thriving catering business, and an enviable relationship. Most everyone thought their life was ideal. And it was. Until Sue lost interest in preserving the very elements that formed the foundation of their devotion, and Lauren committed the ultimate sin that threatened to destroy everything they had built.


“Let’s get you something dry to wear.” Carole walked demurely out of the garage, and I bit my lip hard at one look at her ass.

“Wait here.” She was back in minutes, holding a pair of black nylon pants with elastic around the waist and ankles decorated with double white stripes on the outer legs. They looked brand new, and while outdated, at least they were dry. In her other hand, she had an unopened package of Hanes undershirts. “These were going to the Salvation Army, sorry, but I hope this will be okay for now. You can change in the bathroom over there.” She pointed to a door off the kitchen and opposite the formal dining area.

I couldn’t decide between keeping my wet underwear on or not and opted to be dry, only the white t-shirt without a bra was more revealing than I’d planned; at least the nylon pants had a cotton lining. I reasoned that I could always ask for a loaner sweater to cover my tits, now that my nips were like two sharp, obvious points.

The moment she spotted me, her eyes enlarged as she gobbled me up in her gaze. It had been forever since anyone looked at me with that much lust. Talk about the top ten feel-good moments, and this one rated pretty high up on the list. She may have cleared her throat, but I was too busy clearing mine to be sure.

When she spoke, her voice was lower and huskier than before. “Sit, please. With my luncheon cancelled, you must help me eat all these goodies.”

We drank coffee and consumed rich desserts on fine china with polished silverware by candlelight.

I wolfed down a super-rich, dark-chocolate truffle that completely melted in my mouth. Sue had truly outdone herself. I’d have thanked her, if I wasn’t still angry about another fight on the same old subject. I couldn’t help it if the kids got all excited to see me and refused to go to bed. I reached for a homemade cannoli this time. Sue started with the freshest ingredients and had a gift in culinary arts. “These are sinful,” I said, between luscious bites and too absorbed in these tantalizing sensations from my taste buds to another bud enlarging in my lower region. Chocolate was the ultimate aphrodisiac, and its mood-enhancing properties faithfully landed in my crotch. “It’s a shame that eating too many of these will make us fat.”

“We could work it off.” Carole winked with a wanton look in her eyes.

Warning bells blared in my brain above the howling winds. “We could, but we’re not going there.” I pushed away from the table and stood as firmly as I could.

“Why not? Doug installed the latest in exercise technology.”

“We have no power, remember?”

“Oh, right. What did you mean by not going there?” She lifted her cup off the saucer and tentatively took a sip of the tepid brew. “You’re one hard nut to crack.”

“And you’re an insufferable tease.”

“How so?”

“By flaunting your butt in my face, for starters.”

“I do not!”

“What do you call the alluring outfits you wear whenever I come to deliver?”

“Why don’t you deliver and find out?”