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Free Read: Summer Relief as it appeared in DIVA

August 5th, 2015

Summer Relief

By Cheri Crystal

It had been a year since my partner left me for a younger, fitter and prettier model. I hadn’t realized just how shallow Penny was until she spat, “You’re too bloody fat and I hate your hair!” Seriously? We both knew the real reason we split was due to her mid-life crisis and loss of libido—not mine. Sick of ruminating about how wrong I’d been about her earlier, I booked a summer holiday in Dartmouth for relief. A new outlook should get me out of my rut.

Blackpool Sands brochure couldn’t capture the fragrance of sea air and pine. With luck the sunny skies would last. On day one, wearing baggy shorts and t-shirt, I carried a towel to the beach with plans of lounging while reading a trashy novel.

I finished the juicy bit in my book when I needed a stretch. On the way to the cafe, I spotted a willowy blonde posing at the kayak rental stand. With bronzed skin, belted boy shorts and bikini bra in a brightly-coloured orange like the safety vests worn by road crew, her demeanour shouted, “Shag me now!” Or maybe, “Caution!” My resultant adrenaline overload put me in a right mess in my nether regions. She glanced my way and with her simple nod, I was in lust. I forgot what I set out to do and had a prime view of her bum on the way back to my towel.

Before I knew it, she stood at my feet. I stared up at her breasts supported by underwire straining at the seams. Perhaps she would allow me to help before her straps gave out? She smelled of toasted coconut. Irresistible.

“Hiya, alright?” She checked me over lingering at my lips and tits and chuckled at my toes. I could be such a girl and had painted my nails a creamy tango red called, “Forever Young.”

This tanned goddess had to be a figment of my hypersexual imagination. My lips dried up and my pussy grew wet. I needed a brisk swim to camouflage my desire.

“We rent kayaks. You interested?”

I stood and brushed shingle sand off my shorts. “How much?”

“For you?” She sized me up again. “It’s on me.”

“Thanks mate. I haven’t tried this before.”

“Okay if I give you a few pointers?”

“Yes please.”

She grabbed her personal kayak instead of a rental.

“You climb in front.”

“Are you sure? It’s rather small.”

“Rubbish. I’ll take the stern.” She moistened her lips and I nearly drowned. The water temperature was only 16 degrees, if that. Between her nipples popping out and my internal inferno, the cold helped keep my rising heat at bay, barely.

“I’m Handy Mandy, your instructor.”

“Loose Linda,” I teased back.

“Perfect partners, us.” Her grin was as wide as mine. “Shall we get started then?”

“Yes, please.” I may have sounded eager, but I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm.

“Come closer.”

She placed her arms and legs around me. “Hand me the paddle and lean way back.”

No problem! Blimey, she was hot.

With skilful manoeuvres she picked up speed and rowed beyond the buoys.

“Shouldn’t we stay within the marked area?”

“We’ll be fine.” Her muscles flexed as she steered, her crotch grinding into my bum. I nearly came in my pants.

In sync with the subtle waves we moved further away from the shore when she handed me the oar. “Your turn.” Her breath warmed my neck, sending shivers down my spine.

I kept a tight grip on the paddle, thrilled about my new skill when I noticed her fingers inch their way up my thighs and past the entrance of my shorts.

“Keep going,” she instructed. That should have been my line, but I was too breathless.

“Steady, girl,” she said, after my paddling became erratic.

I threw my head back, lost my bearings and gasped when her fingers found my pussy.

“You feel amazing.”

I gulped in sea air as she feverishly worked my clit with her thumb, thrusting two fingers into my pussy.

“Is this okay?”

“Yes, please, oh yes.”

On the open water, with only the gulls and my goddess as witness, I rocked the kayak with wild abandon until my clit was ready to explode.

“Let it go!”

I came so hard, we capsized. The life vest kept me afloat, but she gave me mouth-to-mouth, just in case. After the hottest sex and sweetest kiss, I was out of my rut. What a relief.

FREEBIE: SUMMER RELIEF as it appears in the July 2015 issue of DIVA magazine!

July 31st, 2015


TGIF! AND HALLELULAH IT ALMOST FEELS LIKE SUMMER IN MY PART OF THE WORLD. As a special treat here’s my contest-winning super sexy short story as it first appeared in DIVA magazine This story contains crude language, lesbian sex and adult themes. Read at your own risk. If you enjoy this teaser you may have to buy all Cheri Crystal and Jennifer Wren stories online. I truly hope so. XXX

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April 29th, 2015

Dont-Be-Shy-vol-i-800 Cover reveal and Promotional(1)

Twelve authors of lesbian fiction bring you short stories that focus on the sensual, red-hot delights of sex between women and the celebration of the female form in all its diverse hedonism.

You’ll find intimate encounters between strangers, couples playing out their most titillating fantasies, one-night stands, and stories featuring slow, sultry weekends. Are you up for toys, hot sex, and fun?

Are you in the mood for something spicy?

I’m not too shy to announce I have a sizzling tale in this fine collection. I hope you enjoy “Treatment Nurse” and come back for more. With love and hugs to my faithful readers.  You’re support is what keeps my creative juices flowing. XXX

Mama Knows

January 18th, 2015

At thirty-five, Rue still lives at home and isn’t looking for a steady job or a steady relationship. But then her mother buys her a trip on a chartered singles’ tour in Europe. On a bus with a bunch of chatty breeders, Rue is prepared for boredom. As she and a feisty gal named Billy share a heated encounter on the ferry to France, Rue begins to think that maybe Mama really knows best.



August 3rd, 2014

I’m honored to have been selected for a spotlight interview with Ylva. Please feel free to click on my picture to take a peek. Thanks the most for your support. You all rock! Best, Cheri


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July 9th, 2014


Click on cover to order a mood lifting story about women over fifty where changing careers, revising one’s outlook on life, taking time to appreciate nature and finding love and companionship later in life comes with unexpected advantages.

It had been hard to believe the day after my fiftieth birthday, I woke up and despite being at the pinnacle of my career I made a drastic decision to give up corporate chaos for greener pastures. But even more incredible was when I gave my termination notice and ultimately went through with it. That was a year ago and I still had no qualms about kissing city life goodbye in exchange for a more satisfying occupation, keeping our parks pristine for everyone’s enjoyment.
My newfound serenity, coupled with a sense of genuine purpose, rejuvenated me. The trees breathed life into the area and the area breathed life into me. Bliss was gardening while communing with park visitors who were good for a laugh whether feathered, furry or human. One lovely lady ate her lunch on the same park bench, rain or shine. Though we had not exchanged more than pleasantries, I looked forward to, enjoyed, and somehow felt whole in her presence. It was weird that she affected me so; as I said, we had never spoken at length. Perhaps it was how she complimented the scenery sort of like a bronze garden sculpture would when strategically situated to attract attention. Only she was way more colorful and very much alive.

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June 17th, 2014

"Starved for Love"

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Diagnosed by her doctor as grossly obese and described by her mother as a disgusting embarrassment, Lindy hides behind a hundred extra pounds of fat to shield herself from further pain. She cannot leave for college soon enough, but unable to bear her mother’s wrath a moment longer, she runs out into the night without a destination in mind. Fate intervenes when a kindly old man offers her a ride. He, his wife, and their granddaughter, Jane, welcome her into their family. The Fowlers, and especially Jane, teach her the true meaning of unconditional love. “Starved for Love” reaffirms the belief that our body is the vessel that contains our heart, mind and soul, and that we should appreciate the gift, not dwell on imperfections.

Blogging about my writing process

May 30th, 2014

Hey All, I was generously tagged by Deej Garden, author of “Redemption,” “Sisters,” and “Strangers.” Authors blog about their writing process and then tag someone else to do the same. We all answer the same four questions. I’ve tagged the amazing J. E. Knowles, author of “The Trees in the Field” and “Arusha,” a 2010 Lambda Literary Award Finalist.  Hope you enjoy.

#1 What am I working on?

Currently, I’m assembling a nutrition article for an avian website about the functions, sources, deficiencies and toxicities of vitamins and minerals-fascinating stuff. And for more creative pursuits, I am putting the finishing touches on my novella, “Across the Pond.”

Synopsis of “Across the Pond”

When Janalyn and her best friend and colleague, Debs, are chosen to represent the American team in a Worldwide Health Initiative Conference to combat obesity and comorbidities, in Devon, England, the last thing Jan expects is to meet a British woman named Robin who she simply cannot resist. They have similar interests and seem to hit it off as more than friends from the start. One thing leads to another and against Jan’s reservations against falling in love with someone across the pond, she finds herself in deeper than she can paddle away. “Across the Pond.” is expected to be released by the end of June.

#2 How does my work differ from others in the same genre?

What an excellent question. I had to ponder this one for a while. I’d like to say I have a distinctive voice with witty Cheri-isms galore, but I humbly admit that I write from a perspective that’s not all that unique. Although, there aren’t that many formally straight, self-deprecating Jewish New York dieticians who left America to settle with her wife in the United Kingdom writing lesbian fiction, are there?

#3 Why do I write what I do?

I love reading it! Writing from the perspective of two women in lust and love excites me. I started writing lesbian erotica while I was almost 100% sure I was happily married to the man of my dreams and father to my children…and was for 31 years…until I fell in love with a woman I simply had to be with instead. Call it a sexuality change, or whatever, but the fact is, when I started writing lesbian fiction, I had no clue any of it pertained to me.

#4 How does my writing process work?

Much like my personality…by the seat of my pants, I’m afraid. I get an idea and just run with it. My writing technique is much like a brain dump and getting carried away is what spurs me on. Editing is a true labor of love; it’s the process whereby I whittle the words into something that resembles a sculpture.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you’ll check out all my stories and maybe even comment on a few at

Best Regards,

Cheri Crystal,

Author of “Attractions of the Heart,” a 2010 Golden Crown Literary Winner for erotic lesbian love stories. Buy it here: for UK buyers; USA buyers click here:

Without further ado, the next victim is none other than J. E. Knowles!

J. E. Knowles is the author of The Trees in the Field and Arusha, a 2010 Lambda Literary Award finalist, and editor of Faith in Writing. She also blogs at The Discreet Traveler: The “Reading” page at has published stories that you can read for free. There are also links to her books, and a contact page. Thanks!

Coming to Your Table Soon: All You Can Eat: A Buttet of Lesbian Erotica and Romance Anthology

May 22nd, 2014

allyoucaneat-197x300Ylva Publishing is very happy to announce the soon-to-be released anthology:
All You Can Eat: A Buffet of Lesbian Erotica and Romance
This anthology is an ode to the sensuous and sensual qualities of food and cooking. Editors R.G. Emanuelle and Andi Marquette have put together a collection of stories that incorporate food and/or food-related settings for erotic and sexual adventures, as well as romantic romps.
Does Like Water for Chocolate make your pot boil over? After watching 9½ Weeks, were you never able to look at honey the same way again? Does watching Cat Cora wield a knife on Iron Chef America stoke your burner? Or are you more the Elizabeth Falkner type? Whether your flame is sparked by sharing some illicit fruit, fulfilling fantasies of being a platter of food, chasing after a sexy deli worker, or just being in the kitchen with a hot woman, food, sex, and romance make great bedfellows.
Chef R.G. and sous chef Andi locked themselves in the kitchen until they had the right combination of dishes and a great group of cooks. The menu includes Jove Belle, Cheyenne Blue, Jae, Cheri Crystal, Sacchi Green, Rebekah Weatherspoon, Karis Walsh, Yvonne Heidt, Ashley Bartlett, Victoria Oldham, and Historia, as well as the head chefs themselves, and maybe even a celebrity guest or two.
Food is an integral part of life and in these stories, food serves as more than sustenance—it’s a trigger for love, laughter, sex, pleasure, and carnal and sensory satisfaction. Fast food or gourmet meal—you’re sure to find something tasty here.
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Attractions of the Heart eBook, 2nd Edition

January 22nd, 2014

Greetings All!

I’m happy to announce that my award-winning anthology, “Attractions of the Heart”, is once again available in eBook format for any who have missed it the first time around. Of course I have plenty of newer stories on Amazon, but the eighteen erotic tales of lesbian romance in “Attractions” were written purely from my vivid imagination when I was a ‘straight, married mother of three’ who had no clue that she was living vicariously through her characters. Now married to the woman of my dreams, I admit I don’t have the desperate urge to write as I did back then, but that hasn’t stopped me from churning out stories I absolutely love telling. If you haven’t read anything by yours truly, you really should 😉 I added that because one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be more assertive. How am I doing? LOL.

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Attractions of the Heart, a romantic collection of erotic short stories, begins with a hot date, and ends with a commitment ceremony. Enjoy a lovely meal at “Lobster Box.” Take a Caribbean vacation and plan ground rules that aren’t set in stone in “Best Friends Don’t F*ck.” How about “Going Fishing” for the ultimate hook up? Or “Taking Chances” on love when the stakes are high. Who said “Climbing Rocks,” “Dogging,” or “Trucking” couldn’t lead to sexcapades? Maybe you need an “Exercise Dyke” for the supreme workout or you wonder when designing a cookbook as a fundraiser for your softball team, “Does The Butch Come With The Recipe?” Maybe you’re ready to take a “Mile High Dare.” Whatever your tastes, Cheri Crystal offers an impressive selection. So, have fun with “Tina in Toyland,” hire an “Escort,” say, “Me, Too,” for a three-way, win an award in “Debut,” have a “Nightcap,” or try “Keeping Up With Hornelia,” but don’t miss “Seeing It Through.”

For critically acclaimed, “funny, charming stories,” “crisp writing,” “frank sexuality,” and “top of the line female eroticism,” Cheri Crystal’s Attractions of the Heart has something for everyone.


Mom bribed, threatened, and begged me to stop chopping off my hair with her fabric shears and ordered me to put on a little rouge—her word, not mine. I was offered everything from a nose job, because I broke the schnozzola twice tackling the football team in the schoolyard just to prove they weren’t so tough, to a trip to Disney. Seriously, Disney! I refused to have my teeth fixed and thought the overbite gave me character. My teeth were crooked, but so what? They worked. If I had to, I could rip through uncooked flesh with my uneven choppers.
Mom said I had such pretty blue eyes, and if only I’d use a bit of mascara to show off my light lashes. Yeah, right Mom. Like I’d be caught dead in make-up. She also threatened that I’d be grounded if I didn’t stay out from under cars, but her words were meaningless, and I knew it. While other girls snuck cigarettes or gave head behind the bleachers, I was sneaking an oil change or doing brake jobs at Fred’s Body Shop. Mom gave up for good when I told her I was joining the Corps.

Up until I left for Parris Island, April and I hung out in my basement getting high and listening to CDs, mostly heavy metal for me or pop rock and shit like that for her. She was the only person on the planet who didn’t try to change me. She was also my number one fantasy, but I never told her that. Heck, I don’t think I admitted it to myself. Until now…now that it was too late.

I had often relived her sixteenth birthday party, and here on her wedding day, I couldn’t help but go there again. Without mercy, my mind played tricks on me and brought me back to that night. She was sweet sixteen and never been kissed. I knew this for a fact. All the kids in our pack played truth or dare. Someone had dared me to kiss April. And she looked, well, aside from being a total babe, she was suddenly bold, and I felt like a heart attack waiting to happen.

The guys punched their fists in the air, and more than a few girls joined in on the chant. “Do it! Do it!” The whistles and catcalls echoed in time with my heart. I walked over to her, took her hands in mine and gazed directly into her sparkling eyes. She glanced at my lips and licked hers in what seemed like a silent movie in slow motion.

A boy had kissed me, once, but April’s kiss was different. Monumentally different. We leaned toward each other as the shouts grew louder. I placed my lips on hers, not fully registering the noise surrounding us, forgetting what and where I was and why I was doing this in front of our friends. I expected a platonic peck, but she had a better idea. Our first kiss was laced with a lingering caramel nougat flavor and had a sweetness all its own. I can still taste it.

Every cell in my body was on alert from that electrified embrace.
*** End of excerpt***

Cheri Crystal
Author of Attractions of the Heart, 2010 Golden Crown Literary Winner
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