Coming Clean-Review

I’m so excited, I simply had to share! I had my first review ever. No longer a virgin and loving it!!! LOL. Shameless self-promotion to follow. Thanks for indulging me. Here’s what Robyn Glazer wrote about my story. I’m still above the clouds at the moment.

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Although the process of trying to have a baby has worn on Ben and Allison,
they decide to do whatever they can to make that precious baby. After they
realize the tedium has brought their marriage down, they begin to explore ways
to make themselves happy and are able to recapture their love through sexual
and emotional healing.
Ben and Allison are extremely likable characters and the reader is able
to root for them to get whatever they want. The passion they feel for each
other is evident and is an integral part of the story. The author offers many
interesting details from the Jewish religion and it was interesting how she
seamlessly integrated those details with Ben and Allison’s sexual coming
together. Coming Clean is a fun story with crisp writing.
Reviewed by Robyn Glazer

Cheri Crystal
“Coming Clean is a fun story with crisp writing…” ~Robyn Glazer


Keeping Up With Hornelia

Keeping Up With Hornelia

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054- 324-1
Length: 12 pages/4,101 words
Genre: Lesbian Lit/Erotica
loveyoudivine Category: FemErotica
Rating: Shooting Star

A smitten scrub nurse starts to lose her edge when she falls for a sexy ward clerk, who is almost too hot to handle. Can she keep up with her vivacious bundle of energy in and out of the bedroom?


“Lizette drew people in with her exquisite deep-set soft hazel eyes. She had the tantalizing habit of furtively batting her thick eyelashes in my direction, while puckering up her lips as if ready for a kiss. She looked innocent to the common observer, but I knew the truth.

Lizette was the sexiest woman I’d ever met. We worked together discreetly by day, and had fucking frenzies by night. She had an orgasm addiction that could be considered clinical. By the third date, I had dubbed her Hornelia. She loved her new nickname and called me Studly in return.”




I parted her folds and she moaned with distinct pleasure.
“Yes, Studly, do me again.”
Her clit pulsed between my fingers. She was erect, but my legs were giving out. I lifted my luscious lioness, and somehow carried her, both of us dripping, and deposited her on the bed. The flannel sheets soon soaked up the water from our bodies, and I buried my nose into her fragrant pussy. I toyed with her, delving my tongue inside, sucking in her slick labia until she screamed.
“Oh, fuck yeah. Studly, do me harder…ahhhh.”
My senses were aroused, but my will-power kept me from nipping at her erect, and what I knew was a most urgent and painful clit, until even I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to take her clit in my mouth. I had to have all of her beneath my tongue and drink in every drop, no matter how copious, because she was mine…all mine…and I couldn’t get enough of her. I flicked her clit with the very tip of my tongue and waited until it was as hard as it would get before moving away to stroke the top and the sides.
“Stop tor…menting…oh, fuck…me!”

Embracing girls



From loveyoudivine Alterotica’s Fairy Tales and Love Songs Anthology – $eductive…and $old
Dani, a feisty hungry runaway with a fever, isn’t looking for a savior, or sex, when a tough burly woman with the most intense dark eyes she’d ever seen snatches her off the streets and into her clutches. Max Martins grooms girls for future (anything goes) escort work while giving them food and shelter until they’re of age. What Dani doesn’t count on is falling for her boss, only to be pushed away. While Max doesn’t make a habit of dipping into her own supply, she finds it hard to resist the persistent and extremely desirable young woman.

Can a hardened street pimp be softened by a young woman in her employ?

Ebook ISBN 978-1-60054-256-2
Print ISBN 978-1-60054-213.8
Length: 3500 Words
Genre: Lesbian Lit
Rating: Shooting Star