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Coffee Time Romance Review of Coming Clean

ISBN: 9780600543463
March 2009
Love You Divine Alterotica
17 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Coffee Time Romance

Allison remembers the first time she ever met her husband. She was at the Harvard Law library and their eyes met across the crowded room.
Now years later, Ben still loves his wife as much if not more than he did then.
With an almost perfect life, he knows the one thing that could perfect it would be a child of their own.
After three years without birth control and countless trips for fertility, Ben and Allison’s love life has gotten quite stale and repetitive. Until the day Allison finds out about Taharat HaMishpachah, a ritual that is recognized through their Jewish beliefs as being a sure way to conceive. With this in mind, Allison begins to prepare her body with the weeklong ritual that may not lead to a baby but makes the anticipation that much stronger as well as the attraction between husband and wife.
Coming Clean tells the story of a couple struggling to conceive a child and still maintain a healthy and happy relationship. The strain it puts on Ben and Allison is very realistic and believable. I was very saddened by the emotional roller coaster that Allison experiences because of her inability to produce a child. Ben is such a romantic guy and understands his wife’s emotional struggle; it makes him such a perfect character for the story. In addition, the sex scenes are scorching and the ending will make any reader smile from ear to ear. How could any readers not find themselves enthralled by Ms. Crystal’s writing?
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

A dietitian and a medical resident are set up on a blind date by a persistent, meddling, mutual friend. Laurie hopes they don’t end up talking diets but she wouldn’t mind playing doctor. Will the best date ever lead to more than they ever dreamed possible?


Laurie, a nursing home dietitian, is sick of being single, but when she finally allows a meddling coworker to set her up with a family friend, she meets Leslie, a medical resident, and sparks fly. Blind dates can be a living hell, but mishaps and surprises are in store

Lobster Box mixes comedy, lust and a fancy dinner that one hopes will turn into a delectable meal worth savoring. Release date to be announced. Stay tuned and get your appetites ready for a delicious, nutritious tale sure to whet more than just your appetite and sure to rev up your metabolism.

A Very Happy Birthday


Yesterday I had the best birthday ever thanks to my family, friends, and fans, on-line and off, who stopped by, mailed, or called to wish me a Happy Birthday. You all made my day special beyond words. The number of years is irrelevant when learning and experiencing along the way. I truly want to thank everyone who has touched my life in one way or another. I consider myself fortunate to have you all in my life. May you all be blessed with peace, health, happiness, prosperity, hope, and lots of love today and always.

Love and Hugs,


Mile High Dare

If given a dare to join the Mile High Club, would you take it?

Julie flies home seated next to a baby dyke named Sam, who has no qualms about reading an erotic lesbian romance over a stranger’s shoulder. When Sam offers to buy the book, things begin to soar, and Julie devises a dare as a trade for the book. Will Sam have the nerve to go through with it? This link should take you there to find out.
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-354-8
Length: 3000 words
lyd Category: FemErotica
Rating: Shooting Star
Genre: FemErotica
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As passengers continued to board, I opened my book to where I’d left off. Despite her corny pseudonym, Palmer Clitsky’s latest erotic romance sent me into acute sexual alert. Every agonizing passage put my sex in a vice until the stunning conclusion when I landed on the brink of spontaneously climaxing.

I squirmed in my seat and reached for water. A swig of the cool liquid wet my parched throat, but didn’t quench my thirst. I had to look up or risk exploding in public. A real cutie with a bold, blonde EMO cut captured my attention. Her angular features, which reminded me of anime, were partially hidden by a shock of long, layered bangs. I got lost in appreciating the contrast between her rough demeanor and her smooth creamy vanilla complexion. As she got closer, her fresh-scrubbed, Ivory-girl look intrigued me further. But not as much as her low-cut, baggy cargo pants, which allowed a nice view of her tummy ring. Above it, an open button-down shirt hung loosely over a tight white tank top. When she moved, I could just make out her nips under the thin material.

Oh yeah, I was in lust.



From loveyoudivine Alterotica’s Fairy Tales and Love Songs Anthology – $eductive and $old

Ebook ISBN 978-1-60054-257-2
Length: 4400 Words
Genre: Lez Scene Lit
Rating: Shooting Star


“Dogging? Surely, you jest. I’m not going to pay to watch someone have sex. Have you lost your mind?”

“Have you ever done it?”

“Of course not!”

“You mean to tell me that a little voyeurism wouldn’t make you wet, hot, and horny for your big, brave, butch?”

Ticket to Ride by Cheri Crystal & Rachel Spangler

Ticket to Ride by Cheri Crystal & Rachel Spangler
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-330-2
Ebook Price: $2.00
Length:  11 pages / 4,031 words
Genre: Lesbian Lit
loveyoudivine Category: FemErotica
Rating: Shooting Star

I slid into the skirt, all at once feeling the stirrings of another libido surge and was about to take matters into my own hands, but I fought the urge and looked for a clean thong. Lately, even commercials made me horny, and I had hard time keeping a dry pair of panties. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate at all if I went to the reading commando. Nuh uh. Even I had my limits, but the thought of sitting in the front row like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct entered my mind, and instinctively, I crossed my legs, especially because some of the hottest erotica writers in the biz were going to read to me as I sat front row and center. Where was a fan when I needed it?

* * * *

Laura, the super fan, Laura, who always asked the fun questions, Laura, who always sat in the front row, Laura, who could slay me with just one smoldering look, Laura, whose silky blonde curls I‘d love to run my fingers through, Laura, who owned a sexy little skirt that showed off her devastating legs. Oh yeah, Laura who teased that she was old enough to be my mother. Damn me and my Mrs. Robinson complex, but she was perfect, and perfectly out of my league.
Our little game of bump and rub was quickly becoming more than a cock tease, and it dawned on me that I might actually have an orgasm in the back seat of a Bronco, surrounded by eight of my closest acquaintances, and without actually being touched by a woman I had lusted after only fruitlessly until this excruciating moment.