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Last night at Bluestockings Bookshop in NYC, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Cheri Crystal and JD Glass heated up a frigid evening on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The staff at Bluestockings were the most gracious hosts, the audience simply rocked, and reading with Rachel and JD was an awesome experience. I loved every minute of it and truly appreciate everyone who braved the cold, and the Atlantic flight, to come out and show their support. Here are my pictures. I’m still basking in the glow.

Stay warm, happy and healthy,
Cheri Crystal


Another Review of The Ties That Bind

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The Ties That Bind is a wonderful sexy story with the spice of a BDSM lifestyle. Tristan and Cyndy were two women who had hidden their true nature from each other. With the help of some friends they come fully out of the closet into each other’s arms. I found the story to be touching as well as exciting and was never disappointed. Cheri Crystal writes a story that is thrilling to read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


Hello Everyone! What better way to get over the hump of the work week than relieving stress with some good old-fashioned fun with bondage. Join 4 hot women with playful imaginations in Ptown, who will titillate, tease and please even the faint at heart. Don’t miss Cheri Crystal’s latest release, The Ties That Bind, if you want to come away with a smile and a fantastic feeling in your fancy.  Available Now. Need a gift? Check out and order a copy today. You’ll be amazed at how great for your love life sharing tantalizing lesbian love stories can be. Get lucky, buy Attractions of the Heart by Cheri Crystal. Want a taste of Cheri’s style? Download a FREE ebook, Risky Pursuit, at

Five Heart Review by The Romance Studio…Read The Ties That Bind and judge for yourself

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Tag Line:

What could be more fun than being surrounded by a bunch of fun-loving lesbians in Provincetown, Massachusetts? Tristan convinces Cyndy to attend her first Women’s Week during the 25th Annual celebration and shows her another side of desire. With something for everyone, “The Ties That Bind” is for fans of love, lust, trust and some fun with bondage.


In a sequel to Does the Butch Come with the Recipe, softball captain, Cyndy Kaplan and her girlfriend, Tristan Rizzo, are back for a whole new adventure with much higher stakes. After Tristan’s prediction comes true and the Butch Cookbook earns enough money to subsidize a trip to Ft. Lauderdale for the whole team to attend the playoffs, she suggests another getaway, only without the softball league. Cyndy agrees to pop her Provincetown cherry in order to commemorate the twenty-fifth Annual Women’s Week. They end up renting a fantastic house in the fun-filled, estrogen-fest, with Tristan’s twin sister and her girlfriend to partake in the festivities. Cyndy has no idea what to expect, but Tristan is certain she’ll have Cyndy begging to come back for more.


“Oh, my God! Can you believe this place?”

Bondage gear, restraints, fetish wear, and kinky sex toys, hung from the steel wall along with wrist and ankle shackles, and a red-cloaked rectangular piece of furniture by the wall rack. There was a four-poster bed, a Captain’s chair with the arms removed, a folding massage table, chains, whips and every imaginable sexual gadget available, including a swing. Cyndy couldn’t wrap her mind around this treasure trove of adult entertainment any more than Tristan apparently could. Nor could she fathom the dichotomous décor between this dark dungeon and the rest of the light, airy house. “More like shocked beyond belief,” she murmured, more to herself than to her cohort in crime.

“Why, shocked? I know you’re quite at home in this environment,” Tristan stated with her hands planted firmly on her hips.

“How would you know that?”

Tristan began rummaging at the foot of a bed in a chest that resembled a buried treasure of playwear until she’d settled on just the right outfit. “Because I’ve spotted you in some pretty raunchy places.”

Cyndy couldn’t imagine where her girlfriend had gone and who this imposter before her was in her stead. Her mouth may as well have been sealed shut, for she couldn’t utter a peep. Moisture poured out of her pussy, and had she been cognizant, she’d have worried about dehydration. She had turned her back on this scene long ago, but somehow, Tristan had lit the torch as easily as throwing a match into a gallon of gasoline. Only this time, she thought she trusted her captor. But why should she? There were two choices. Stay put and let Tristan have her own way, or run as fast as her legs could go.

Tristan’s sugared tone interrupted her reverie. “Get undressed and put this on,” she instructed and handed Cyndy a most unusual hospital gown. It was comically open in the front and back, which helped relieve some of the tension.

“Don’t smile, if you know what’s good for you.”

Cyndy formed a lopsided frown at best and donned the gown. She marveled at how easy it was to get back into bondage, although from a totally new angle. Wondering about when and where Tristan had seen her in action was put on the back burner. Maybe afterwards she’d ponder. She had a wanton pussy and a gloriously hot femme to satisfy.


Author Bio: Cheri Crystal reviews lesbian fiction when she’s not busy spending time with her family, working in healthcare, and writing her own lesbian adventures and erotic romances. She enjoys all types of intellectual and physical activities and considers herself lucky that she can immerse herself in the literary community at every spare opportunity. Cheri has many published stories in anthologies and online with She’s written two novels and is working on a third. Her first solo anthology, Attractions of the Heart, came out in October 2009 and was launched in Provincetown during the 25th Annual Celebration of Women’s Week. It was an exciting and rewarding experience she’ll never forget. Visit Cheri’s Website: or Contact her at She’d love to hear from you.

Cheri Crystal
Attractions of the Heart by Cheri Crystal offers erotic tales of want, will, and desire. There’s nothing as intense as the hunger of a female on the prowl for a woman. Available in Paperback. Click on
ISBN 978-1-60054-298-5
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Attractions of the Heart: P & E Nominations 2010

My anthology Attractions of the Heart is up for Best Anthology. Whoooo Hooooo. I’m doing a happy dance.

Please vote if you can Thank you.

BTW, The Ties that Bind received a 5 Heart Review from Romance Studio and now everything in the LYD cart is 25% off for our January Sale. Check it out. Click on the Links.

Thanks Everyone!

Author of Attractions of the Heart available in Paperback. Click on