Barbara is a ‘totally’ straight married mom living in comfortable hetero-privilege. She has never had reason to suspect she was a lesbian before. Soon after a total hysterectomy, fate intervenes and throws her ordered life into total chaos. Further complications ensue when she finds herself attracted to women, and then falls in love with Adina, who is also a married woman with children. What is Barbara to do when a hot and steamy affair threatens her world and rocks her soul in a way she never imagined?


“I’m sorry, Barbie, I don’t know what came over me.” Her voice faltered and her beautiful smile slid into a contorted frown.
I couldn’t allow that. She’d get wrinkles in her flawless complexion, so I did what any good friend would do. I kissed her. And this time, seconds slowed to lust-filled moments, followed by hours. My sense of self awakened. I needed to embrace every part of her body. I savored how smooth and creamy her skin felt, especially her face, and reveled in her all-consuming response to my touch. I explored the inside of her mouth with my tongue and cherished her flesh with eager hands. I longed to make love to her until I had memorized each hill and valley in what promised to be the most treasured and pleasant journey of my life.
She entangled her fingers in my hair and clutched my head in a seductive hold. I used my hands to grope her back and grip her ass and to maneuver our bodies until we were completely attached to each other from our lips to our breasts. I pushed my crotch against her thigh and kissed her deeper still. She responded by fondling my hardened nipples.
“Oh, my God,” I said, following the most satisfying kiss I’d ever had. “I can’t get enough of you—”
“Nor I, you.”
“Follow me,” I said, taking her hand. I led her to the spare bedroom off the kitchen. It was the closest place, and my body couldn’t wait any longer.
Once inside the room, I turned to face her again. My resolve wavered. “Are you sure about this?” I asked, praying she wouldn’t back down.



In a well-attended civil ceremony, Lauren made an honest woman out of the only girl she ever loved. Lauren and Sue had it all—a modest home in a trendy neighborhood, two wonderful children, a thriving catering business, and an enviable relationship. Most everyone thought their life was ideal. And it was. Until Sue lost interest in preserving the very elements that formed the foundation of their devotion, and Lauren committed the ultimate sin that threatened to destroy everything they had built.


“Let’s get you something dry to wear.” Carole walked demurely out of the garage, and I bit my lip hard at one look at her ass.

“Wait here.” She was back in minutes, holding a pair of black nylon pants with elastic around the waist and ankles decorated with double white stripes on the outer legs. They looked brand new, and while outdated, at least they were dry. In her other hand, she had an unopened package of Hanes undershirts. “These were going to the Salvation Army, sorry, but I hope this will be okay for now. You can change in the bathroom over there.” She pointed to a door off the kitchen and opposite the formal dining area.

I couldn’t decide between keeping my wet underwear on or not and opted to be dry, only the white t-shirt without a bra was more revealing than I’d planned; at least the nylon pants had a cotton lining. I reasoned that I could always ask for a loaner sweater to cover my tits, now that my nips were like two sharp, obvious points.

The moment she spotted me, her eyes enlarged as she gobbled me up in her gaze. It had been forever since anyone looked at me with that much lust. Talk about the top ten feel-good moments, and this one rated pretty high up on the list. She may have cleared her throat, but I was too busy clearing mine to be sure.

When she spoke, her voice was lower and huskier than before. “Sit, please. With my luncheon cancelled, you must help me eat all these goodies.”

We drank coffee and consumed rich desserts on fine china with polished silverware by candlelight.

I wolfed down a super-rich, dark-chocolate truffle that completely melted in my mouth. Sue had truly outdone herself. I’d have thanked her, if I wasn’t still angry about another fight on the same old subject. I couldn’t help it if the kids got all excited to see me and refused to go to bed. I reached for a homemade cannoli this time. Sue started with the freshest ingredients and had a gift in culinary arts. “These are sinful,” I said, between luscious bites and too absorbed in these tantalizing sensations from my taste buds to another bud enlarging in my lower region. Chocolate was the ultimate aphrodisiac, and its mood-enhancing properties faithfully landed in my crotch. “It’s a shame that eating too many of these will make us fat.”

“We could work it off.” Carole winked with a wanton look in her eyes.

Warning bells blared in my brain above the howling winds. “We could, but we’re not going there.” I pushed away from the table and stood as firmly as I could.

“Why not? Doug installed the latest in exercise technology.”

“We have no power, remember?”

“Oh, right. What did you mean by not going there?” She lifted her cup off the saucer and tentatively took a sip of the tepid brew. “You’re one hard nut to crack.”

“And you’re an insufferable tease.”

“How so?”

“By flaunting your butt in my face, for starters.”

“I do not!”

“What do you call the alluring outfits you wear whenever I come to deliver?”

“Why don’t you deliver and find out?”

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In Climbing Rocks Sabrina Alverez had always wanted to see the panoramic view of the Sierra Nevada from Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park. What she hadn’t figured on was casting her glance on her savoir, Park Ranger the Lacey Anderson, instead. Was it luck, fate, or both that Lacey was there to rescue Sabrina?

Get a grip, Sabrina!
The internal scolding did nothing for my courage. Irrational fear kept me from enjoying the breathtaking panorama of the Sierra Nevada. I longed to see the Great Western Divide, but instead, I was looking at a rock when my eyes weren’t cemented shut. Another silent pep talk and at least I was able to realize that this had to be among the most incredible backdrops I had ever seen. I didn’t dare look down at the spectacular view of the San Joaquin Valley floor, so I looked up instead. That’s when the most incredible sight of all appeared as if by divine intervention.
Heading my way was a slender, long-limbed, blonde-haired apparition in a full forest ranger uniform. The woman captivated me with her piercing blue eyes that matched the sky on a crystal clear day. She drew closer, and I lost my bearings.
“May I help you, Miss?”
Her tone was professional, yet concerned. Up close, her skin was as white as the cumulus clouds that surrounded us. I managed a weak reply before I remembered my fear of heights. A warm smile lit up her entire face despite the shadow cast by her ranger’s hat. Looking at her deep dimples quashed what was left of my breath. The last thing I recalled before I passed out was the dead weight of my body as my knees buckled.

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In Risky Pursuit
it’s time to celebrate Sabrina Alverez and Lacey Anderson’s twenty-first anniversary climb atop Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park. Sabrina has overridden her fear of heights to please her girlfriend, at least for this yearly excursion, but she wonders if Lacey, an adventurous park ranger, has lost her mind when she suggests they make love once they get there. What Sabrina doesn’t know is what other risky pursuits Lacey has up her sleeve.
Sabrina Alverez and Lacey Anderson are still “Climbing Rocks” in the continuation of their love story. More enamored than ever, Sabrina can’t get enough of her girlfriend and would do just about anything to make her happy. But what if Lacey’s idea of fun scares Sabrina out of her mind? Will she make it to the top of Moro Rock, ~6,725 feet above sea level, another year, only this time to have mind-blowing sex, in public?

“I’ll miss you all day long.” I pouted. “I wish you didn’t have to work weekends.”
“Me too. But you’ll have the whole day to yourself. Our anniversary is coming up soon. Why don’t you research vacation destinations to celebrate twenty-one of the best years of my life?”
“You mean our lives. Hey, we always climb Moro Rock and pop a bottle of Champagne.”
“We can do that again, but I was thinking more along the lines of something, I don’t know, more risky.”
I took a step back. Just contemplating daring feats others find exhilarating elevated my fear factor quadruple fold. “Perhaps you don’t remember how scared shitless I am of heights. Isn’t climbing somewhere shy of 6,725 feet risky enough?”
Lacey pulled me back into her embrace. “I’m so proud of you.”
“Thanks, but please don’t suggest jumping out of airplanes or hang gliding because it’s not happening in this lifetime, or ever.”
“Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of a new pursuit. What would you say to mind-blowing sex, both of us as naked as the day we were born, right there on top of old Moro Rock?”