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After having been betrayed by her partner of thirteen years, Janalyn isn’t looking for another relationship, especially not one separated by miles of ocean. But when she travels to Devon, England, for a conference and meets a sporty Brit named Robin, desires Janalyn thought were permanently lost are suddenly back and stronger than ever. Despite cultural differences, poking fun at each other’s use of the English language, and Robin coming off as a player, Janalyn can’t help the attraction she feels, no matter how hard she tries. Can she and Robin find a common ground upon which to make a life together? Will Janalyn throw caution to the wind and risk her heart again? If Janalyn does indeed venture across the pond, will love be her life preserver?

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Boldilocks and the Dwarf’s Daughters

By Cheri Crystal

© 2014


Once upon a time in a faraway land sat an imperial palace atop a hill surrounded by dense forest. There lived a generous king and queen who had adoring subjects and riches beyond belief. They had everything except what they so desperately wanted…a child. After many years of trying to produce an heir, the queen finally gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl. With skin as fair as snow, hair as luminous as the goose’s golden eggs, and lips as pink as the queen’s vibrant roses, it was befitting the princess be named Goldilocks. The king and queen loved their daughter more than life itself.

Goldilocks was their pride and joy. She loved to play with the other children and often asked why she didn’t have a brother or sister. As hard as they tried, the king and queen were unable to give the princess a sibling, so they showered her with their undivided love and attention.  She received more gifts than any child could want or need, but her favorite playthings were not borne of material possessions. She much preferred archery, sword-fighting, and straddling horses bareback to dolls and dress-up. Goldilocks was rarely scolded; her naughty behavior was the result.

It was no surprise when Goldilocks grew into an active and wholly spoiled adolescent. Much to her mother’s dismay, Goldilocks was not to be tamed. But still, the king and the queen doted on her, indulged her, and alas, the unruly princess ran through the village climbing trees and building fortresses with all the young lads. She became quite adept at fencing and hunting.

Many a nursemaid tried to mold her into a child befitting royalty, but alas, none could. The queen gave up until one day a young woman named Cornelia arrived at the palace with hopes of filling the role. The person chosen to wait on Goldilocks had to be a most tolerant, compliant and affable young woman who also took no flak from an obstreperous mistress. The queen held her breath that the then ten-year-old Goldilocks would not scare this one away.

Well acquainted with the world, Cornelia was a brunette buxom beauty with an easy nature and a sound mind. From the start, the formidable lady-in-waiting, while only two years older than the princess, was well suited and so the queen made allowances that Cornelia, although younger than she’d have liked, would be a role model for Goldilocks.

In those early years, Cornelia worked hard to keep up with her charge. The only times Goldilocks remained still enough to be waited on were when Cornelia braided her long golden locks, pinning them out of the way so the princess could play as hard as she liked without fear of her hair getting caught in twigs and tangled in trees.

Goldilocks played hard; she ran half naked until her breasts began to bud and then to bloom into the most annoying encumbrances she could ever imagine. The fact that she developed curves much later than other girls, didn’t make the burdens any easier to bear.

At fifteen, signs of puberty plagued poor Goldilocks, who had not an extra ounce of fat besides her breasts. She allowed Cornelia to wash off the mud she’d accumulated during her athletic pursuits, but became sullen when her lady refused to wash the private places that would not let her sleep unless they were sated.

Cornelia insisted, “I oughtn’t touch such parts. You’re old enough now.”

Goldilocks had thrown a tantrum, but soon learned which battles were to be won. There was a limit to what Cornelia would and would not do.

While Cornelia was more like a companion than a servant to Goldilocks, she maintained standards. Until one evening after a bath, Goldilocks climbed onto her four-poster bed and let out a furious growl.

“Cornie, see to this now, I say.”

“To what, pray tell, are you referring, Princess?”

Goldilocks parted her legs, impatiently showing Cornelia her problem.

“M’lady, you only washed but a moment ago. Look at your nightgown. How could it be soiled so quickly?” she asked. Goldilocks touched her moist mound covered in golden down, as thick as under her armpits, and noted the peculiar smell. It wasn’t unpleasant but it was potent.

Many times Cornelia had tried to convince the princess to rid herself of unsightly hair, but Goldilocks refused to be plucked, cut or shaved as she’d observed the boys hadn’t done. Her poor mother had tisked, but allowed her daughter to remain as God had intended as long as Goldilocks agreed to wear a gown to court. It was a concession Goldilocks could live with and so some semblance of peace in the palace remained.

Goldilocks held up her damp palm and snapped, “What do you suppose is wrong?”

“I’m not sure,” was Cornelia’s feeble answer. “Please do not expose it thus,” she scolded to deaf ears, “Manners, M’lady. Remember what we discussed.”

“It was fine a moment ago. And I have this itch, no not itch, but yearning, like a craving.”

“I see no rash, M’lady. Nothing seems out of the ordinary.” Cornelia paused to peer down at Goldilocks. “I marvel at how moist and fragrant. Yours is like a perfect flower,” she said, dreamily. “As beautiful as the delicate orchid. Fear not, M’lady.”

“Stop this incessant chatter at once and do something.”

“Maybe if you dab it with cloth. Perhaps you’re going to start the monthly flow soon. It’s high time you did.”

Goldilocks bolted upright. “I shall not be cursed with the monthly blood, Cornie, I forbid it!”

“I’m afraid it is not a choice, M’lady. It happens to us all, even a most wilful girl on the precipice of womanhood as you must endure what nature intended. You’re soon to be a woman and a most beautiful woman deserving the finest prince at that.”

“Nonsense!” She spat. “What’s to be done now? Make this swelling go away this instant or I shall have you whipped.”

“Have me whipped then, for I shall do no such thing. Stop this now or I shall leave.”

Goldilocks observed Cornelia’s perplexed expression and softened. She loved her with all her heart and felt the feeling mutual.

“Please, Cornie. You’re my dearest friend. Won’t you please make this ache go away?”

“I’m sorry, it’s not right.”

“Who is to know but you and me, my dear friend?” Goldilocks took Cornelia’s hands firmly in hers.

When Cornelia withdrew her hands and quietly retrieved cloth, her funny expression both frightened and excited Goldilocks, who had never seen her infallible lady thus. Goldilocks rested upon the pillow and parted her legs once more, her beseeching ache growing. It was unfathomable how badly she wanted and needed Cornelia’s touch. Her first sweet caress was tentative, innocent, and soft, although delightful, it was not to have the desired effect.

“The rag is too wet, Cornie, use your hands, I say!”

Cornelia obeyed. She followed Goldilocks’ explicit instructions on where to touch, how hard, and how fast…all the while, the young princess thrashed about the bed sheets, squeezing the balls of fabric she’d made with her clenched fists until her knuckles were as white as silk.

“Are you okay, M’lady? My word, but I’ve never witnessed anything like this. I shall call for the doctor, right away.”

“Do not stop until I say,” Goldilocks shouted, hating to sound cross, but all dignity vanished when this close to exploding.

Goldilocks didn’t need Cornelia to rub much longer. She couldn’t breathe and feared certain death, but quite miraculously she sailed through thunderous tremors, let go a robust cry, and succumbed to one last shudder, before a most amazing feeling overwhelmed her, and then all was still. Neither Goldilocks nor her lady dared utter a sound. In the wake of goose flesh, Cornelia covered Goldilocks with the comforter, and her mistress readily accepted.

Goldilocks’ trembling stopped, her breathing slowly returned to normal, and she was finally able to move her limbs as both naïve girls were stunned silent.

They remained each in her own thoughts until Goldilocks dismissed Cornelia with a wave of the hand. Goldilocks slept soundly until morning and awoke refreshed.

Each night thereafter Goldilocks fantasized about Cornelia performing what she dubbed, “the royal rub,” which at her own hand resulted in varying degrees of blissful release for a young princess with an ever growing insatiable need.


Goldilocks continued to play with the boys, while surreptitiously ogling the girls, and soon became known as “Boldilocks” in response to her tomboyish ways. The king and queen patiently endured her antics and prayed she’d outgrow them. They would have to choose a prince worthy of her rank and able to forgive her petulance.


One sunny day in May, April showers had finally abated, and the children were sent outdoors to play. Goldilocks was eager to join them. She ran past her mother’s quarters, but apparently not quickly enough.

The queen called out and patted the empty seat beside hers. “Goldilocks, dearest, won’t you sit beside me while I embroider doyleys as gifts for the servants?”

“Not now, for there are forts to be built and wars to be won outdoors, Mama,” Goldilocks said, barely stopping to bow to her mother. Curtsying was clearly out of the question.

The queen looked up from her stitching and frowned. Goldilocks wore a boy’s shirt and short trousers. “How dare Cornelia allow such a spectacle? Dearest, you are to go upstairs and dress befitting a princess this instant.”

“But, Mama, how shall I get the best view on top of the tallest trees wearing a dress?”

“Won’t you learn to sew dainty presents—?”

But Goldilocks was not to hear another word, for she was out the door before her mother could say, “Rumpelstiltskin.”

No sooner than she joined the others in the courtyard that taunts started in response to such boyish attire worn by a girl.

“Boldilocks, Boldilocks!” the children chanted.

Not to be heckled, Goldilocks chose the meanest boy of the lot and charged at him with the fury of a boar in heat. She gave him one good wallop after another. Producing a bloodied nose, bruised cheek and black eye, she had made her point.

“From this day forward,” she proclaimed, “The name Boldilocks is forever banished.” She then dusted herself off and left at once. Fed up with their childishness, Goldilocks refused to play with them, preferring Cornelia’s more intellectual pursuits like literature.


The summer of her seventeenth birthday, Goldilocks thought she would never become a woman and her behavior became as erratic as ever. Cornelia and the queen believed her outbursts meant it would come soon, but alas, no monthly flow appeared. The royal physician could not make heads or tails of how late it was, but on finding no anatomical abnormalities, he advised she be given extra portions of mutton and potatoes, and be patient.

One day while discussing the king’s doctrines, Goldilocks and Cornelia began a debate on why Goldilocks was not to interfere with palace politics. They ended up in a shouting match. Goldilocks stormed off into the forest despite warnings it was off-limits unless escorted. She desired solitude as she strolled and contemplated which paths her life would take.

She could not envision herself happily married as her mother and father were, nor could she imagine being alone. All she had in the world were her parents and Cornelia, but Cornie might not stay with her forever and then what was to become of her?

A fleeting thought of Cornie and the wetness in her pants grew and with it the insistent urge to touch herself or be touched in that wicked way she so loved. Quickly, Goldilocks took care of her needs and continued on. She walked and walked deeper into the woods until she realized she was impossibly lost.

It grew darker by the second, but she was a brave girl. Heaven forbid she let her tears flow. Crying was for babies. She could take care of herself, she reasoned, at the same time cursing her bad luck that she hadn’t thought ahead to pack bread, cheese and juice. After biting into a sharp raspberry, she wrinkled her nose and spat it out. Instead, she found some of the safe mushrooms Cook would use and ate a couple of those. They tasted awful, but an empty belly soon helped her get over that.

Using her shirt tails, she lifted them over her shoulders to cover her arms for extra warmth. Goldilocks was famished, tired and growing ever more lost. When it was too dark to walk on, she made a bed of leaves and fell into a fitful slumber. She awoke before dawn with the worst bellyache and a metallic odor between her legs. Her hands quickly filled with her blood. She howled. Rocking, cursing the searing pain ripping her insides apart and holding her tummy didn’t ease the pain, but it was distracting. Cornie was right, even Goldilocks could not avoid Nature’s Curse.

One day turned into two. “Cornie, I’m sorry we quarrelled. Please come save me, dearest Cornie. I promise I’ll behave,” she cried.

Without an answer to her prayers, she walked on hoping to find a path leading home.

When the pains and bleeding subsided, it was as if a cloud had lifted. She was relieved to have lived through Nature’s Curse after all. Goldilocks foraged and ate nuts until she thought she’d be sick again. Gathering up her last vestige of strength, she walked until she came upon a stream. It didn’t take her long to discard her clothes and drink her fill of the fresh, cool water. Jumping in, she washed, found that water and the royal rub had miraculous healing powers, and partook in the palliative pleasures. She scrubbed her trousers, placed them on a log while they soaked up the sun to dry, and took a sorely needed nap.


Meanwhile, back at the palace, the queen and king were sick with frantic worry. They sent out hordes of henchmen to search for the lost princess and offered a handsome reward for her safe return.


Goldilocks dreamt her father could not console her hysterical mother. Even poor Cornelia could not stop pacing when the missing princess was nowhere to be found. Goldilocks awoke covered in a cold sweat. There was no telling how long she had slept. Her trousers were still damp, but her soiled shirt was dry. She put it on, thankful for long shirttails.

In the distance she heard singing and turned her ear towards the direction of the song. Her heart raced with anticipation of being rescued, but the tune did not sound familiar. The chorus of voices were almost childlike and the words…what could, “Hi Ho. Hi Ho, it’s home from work we go,” followed by harmonious whistling, mean?

She uncharacteristically buttoned her shirt up to her neck, gathering her wits about her. After all, Boldilocks, she remembered the children taunt, was Bold! Perhaps she had been hasty about nixing the nickname. It was better than Moldilocks or Coldilocks. If she ever found her way home again, she would allow the children to call her Boldilocks, because only a brave girl could stand such an adventure as she.

Goldilocks waited, as seven small children, no higher than her waist, gathered in a circle around her. On closer inspection, they were not children at all, but rather little women dressed as men with colored hats, frilly men’s shirts, waistcoats and woollen trousers. Casting her fears aside, she stood tall, feigning courage.

She addressed the woman who rose above the crowd and was openly gaping at her. “You there, state your name and rank,” she commanded.

The woman had a bulbous nose, blue eyes and a strong constitution. She said, her voice resonant, and not that of a child at all, “Who are you?” She wielded a pickaxe.

Goldilocks hesitated a second, but said, with assured force, “I asked you first.”

“Why, I’m Doc. Now who are you?”

“Princess Bold—” she cleared her throat, “Goldilocks.”

Doc pointed at her chin, “Well well, a princess, come on girls, do your curtsying and get on with it. We’ve not had a princess before. And a handsome one at that.” Doc put her arm out in front of the woman to her right. “This here is Grumpy.”

Grumpy gave her best scowl to which Goldilocks nodded briefly. The princess could relate to surly behaviour, since she wasn’t exactly the model of manners.

The next in line announced, “I’m Happy,” and boy was she ever. Her exuberance was contagious and Goldilocks smiled in spite of herself.

“I’m Sleepy,” the next one yawned, “and this here is Bashful,” who promptly blushed redder than the ripest tomato, “and Sneezy,” who naturally sneezed, “and Dopey. She doesn’t speak at all.”

“Why is that?” Goldilocks asked.

Doc answered, “Because she can’t or she won’t, same difference. We’re the seven daughters of the miners who tragically died in the blast. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Seven Dwarfs?”

Goldilocks shook her head for she had not heard nor seen a dwarf in her entire life.

“We’ve assumed their names to honor their dear souls. We live way over yonder. Enough about us, you must be cold and hungry.”

Goldilocks caught Doc scanning her bare legs and shivered despite not feeling as chilled as she ought. For some reason, Doc’s prolonged gaze caused a puzzling reaction similar to what happened when Cornelia was near. All at once, her core heated up and her bottom dampened. Goldilocks missed Cornie more than she ever thought possible, but more urgent needs consumed her. “I am hungry. Very hungry, indeed,” she murmured.

“Then you must allow us to take you to our humble abode.”

“I don’t mind if I do, thank you,” Goldilocks said. At once realizing etiquette wasn’t a bother after all.

Without hesitation, she followed Doc, no doubt the leader, and contemplated all their names. There would be no trouble memorizing them. Happy held her hand, gaily swinging their arms as they marched toward a clearing. Unable to believe she hadn’t noticed before, far beyond the stream, there stood a tiny thatched cottage nestled amongst the trees. It had a tiny little door, tiny little windows, and a tiny little chimney, but it looked as snug as can be. Goldilocks had to duck to step inside but luckily the indoor ceiling cleared her head so she didn’t have to slouch.

She looked around while Doc added logs to the fire. Grumpy griped her way around the kitchen to start supper. Happy again took her hand, this time to show her the rest of the house. The kitchen doubled as a family room, which lead to a single bedroom with seven tiny beds and child-sized oak furniture. Bashful opened a wardrobe and blushed furiously as she handed Goldilocks an oversized shirt for a little person, and then said, “This was owned by my dearly departed father, God rest his soul.” Sleepy wiped away a tear before yawning once more. “It would please me to have you borrow it.”

Goldilocks wasted no time removing her soiled shirt. She giggled at Bashful because she looked like she was about to die of embarrassment. Sneezy sneezed through an entire drawer of handkerchiefs and Dopey made an awful pest of herself getting underfoot.

“What’s all the fuss?” Doc asked, as she ventured into the bedroom. She took one look at Goldilocks, scurried out and was back in an instant with an armful of rags. “Princess, please use these cloths I’ve fetched for you to sop up the flow. There’s plenty to change as needed.”

A fine trickle of blood worked its way down her thigh. This time Goldilocks blushed redder than even Bashful. But a more grateful girl could not be found in all the land. With that, Goldilocks was also given a belt made of twine to hold the rags in place. Cornie had told her she would be a woman when this happened and at that moment Goldilocks knew what she meant. Soon her father would expect her to marry. Goldilocks shuddered at the thought.

The luscious aroma of food quickly filled the air. By the time the goose was cooked, the bread baked, and the wine poured, Goldilocks thought she’d faint from hunger.

“Hurry along,” Grumpy called. “Dinner will not wait.”

Happy finished buttoning the shirt Goldilocks wore and escorted her to the kitchen. Never had she felt like royalty in this way before. They placed her at the head of the table opposite Doc.

“Hush, especially you, Dopey.” Grumpy cast a warning glance and all were as quiet as mice.

“We give thanks to our Goddess for bringing such a fair and lovely princess into our modest home. We pray she will be content to stay for as long as she wishes.” They raised goblets and promptly began to feast.

The seven daughters watched her feeding frenzy in awe, before attacking their own food, until not a morsel was left. The dinner dishes were soon cleared and a fine dessert followed. Goldilocks learned more about how the seven daughters followed in their seven fathers’ footsteps. Iron ore was a necessity and it was only right that they mine for it.

“Some of our mothers died of broken hearts and others suffered the fevers.” Doc drowned her sorrows in drink. Goldilocks immediately missed her parents with an excruciating ache, but was soon served homemade cakes and tea in her honor before any of them could wallow in sadness.

“The mines are located several miles away,” Doc informed her. “We’ve lived in this cottage harmoniously, yet sadly in mourning. But now that you are here, I say we shall be happy once more.” Doc poured the rest of the wine. “Here’s another toast to our lovely princess!”

“To our beautiful Princess!” they chorused and drank heartily.

Goldilocks grew giddy from too much food and drink, but she joined in their after dinner celebration. Doc played fiddle; Happy played accordion; and Sleepy played harp; while Dopey danced engaging the rest to join in. Goldilocks could not remember the last time she laughed so hard and had such fun.

As bedtime drew near, Sleepy could not stop yawning. At one point Goldilocks thought Sleepy would slumber on her feet. Sneezy helped Grumpy boil water in the kettle to fill a bathtub in the kitchen. Dopey got in the way and was good-naturedly reprimanded.

Doc asked Bashful, “Please set our beds side-by-side so Princess Goldilocks will not find her legs hanging over the side.”

“Ahh choooooo.” Sneezy wiped her nose with her sleeve, and then announced, “Your Highness. Your bath waits. Hurry, hurry.”

Goldilocks did not have to be asked to bathe twice. Bathing was synonymous with those amazing feelings that fantasizing while washing caused. And at that very moment, she most certainly desired a fantasy. “Please call me Goldilocks.”

“Goldilocks.” Happy danced about reciting her name while she undid her long golden locks. She then was only too happy to help Goldilocks undress.  This pleased the young princess. Only now her cumbersome bosoms were heavy and the tips were terribly pointy. Dopey laughed at the sight and reached for Goldilocks’ nipples. Before Goldilocks could pull away, she yowled. Dopey had taken one taut point between her fingers and pinched it—hard. This resulted in the most pleasant pain Goldilocks had ever experienced. Never had she realized that her breasts were connected to her bottom, but here was proof. Dopey’s playful pinch could be felt in her innermost recesses. She desired Dopey to pinch the other one to see if it would happen that way again, but had no idea how to ask for such a favor.

Before Goldilocks had time to consider, Dopey was ordered to sit in the corner for bad behavior and with the help of the seven daughters, Goldilocks was lifted and lowered into the water, warm and scented with wild flowers. There was nothing for her to do except relax and enjoy a myriad of sensations.

Doc rolled up her sleeves and with powerful hands she massaged Goldilocks’ scalp and scrubbed her hair with rose scented soap. Grumpy topped up the hot water as the bathwater cooled. Happy tickled as she washed Goldilocks’ arms and legs. Goldilocks had that explosive sensation in her loins without even being royally rubbed. Every part of her body cried out for more until she was about to burst a second time. Only she was to have but one release for she was plucked from the tub, wrapped in towels, and dried off.

Goldilocks sneezed when they used a powder puff dipped of talc, to which Sneezy and the others howled with laughter. Soon she wore a sheet, fashioned quickly with sheers and bits of thread into a white dressing gown befitting a fair young maiden on her wedding night.

“Tomorrow we’re off to work,” Doc said. “It’s time for bed. We trust Your High…er…Goldilocks, you’ll be most comfortable sleeping with us.”

“Yes, Doc. I’m very sleepy. Thank you. Thank you all.”

The candles had been snuffed out. All were tucked in tight and amidst a cacophony of snores, Goldilocks was lulled into a dreamless sleep.

Each morning before the rising sun, the seven daughters breakfasted before they left Goldilocks to tidy the cottage, chop wood, tend to the washing, and upon learning the young princess had a strong arm and great aim, they encouraged her to hunt for game as a special treat for supper.

The daughters worked happily in the mines all day and Goldilocks worked happily at home. Goldilocks’ eighteenth birthday came and went without the royal celebration. Her routine at the cottage rarely varied as the girl grew less hopeful of ever seeing her home again. The princess had never worked a day in the palace, but found it pleased her so to see the delighted faces on the seven little women she grew to admire. If only she didn’t miss her parents and especially Cornelia so desperately.

Days turned into weeks and still no sign of rescue. What were her parents doing now? Didn’t Cornie miss her? Goldilocks began to doubt their love and wondered if anyone cared about her after all. Rather than succumb to weeping during her days spent alone, she kept herself too busy to dwell on being homesick. At night, the daughters kept her happily entertained. By the end of the evening she was too exhausted to do anything but sleep soundly.

Goldilocks was growing very fond of Doc, but it was Happy, the handsomest of all, who doted on her the most. One night, while Grumpy complained about nothing of significance, Happy escorted Goldilocks into the bedroom.

“I have something to show you, oh fair one,” Happy said. “It’s a present.”

“A present? For me?” Goldilocks was overcome with appreciation like never before.

“I’ve made you a wreath of the prettiest flowers to wear in your hair. Please, allow me—”

Goldilocks sat on the bed so Happy could easily reach her hair. Carefully, she un-braided the locks and brushed it one hundred strokes. All the while, Goldilocks sat impatiently waiting to see her reflection in the mirror once Happy placed the crown upon her head. As a princess she had had everything she ever wanted and took it all for granted, but this gift meant more to her than gold.

“There now, look at your becoming reflection,” Happy said, leading Goldilocks to the mirror.

“It’s beautiful.” Goldilocks fingered the wreath and admired the craftsmanship. She felt like a queen. “I shall wear it always. Thank you, Happy.” She leaned in to bestow a kiss on the little woman’s cheek, but instead received a kiss on the lips. It tasted like cherry pie.

Goldilocks dared kiss Happy back. This time tingles started on her lips and worked its way down to her toes. Merriment drifted in from the kitchen, but was soon muffled when Happy undressed the fair princess. No bath awaited, just Goldilocks naked, trembling and wondering whatever was to come next.

She was not prepared to see Happy remove her shirt, waistcoat, and trousers. She gasped when Happy removed the binding she wore around her breasts and almost fainted when Happy discarded her knickers. Goldilocks knew she was a woman although dressed in a man’s clothes, as it was the only attire befitting a miner, but she never expected to be this delighted in the presence of another woman totally bare. Happy stood before her in all her glory. Instinctively, Goldilocks reached out, clasped Happy’s hands in hers, and led her to the bed.

Happy climbed on top of Goldilocks, placing her heated bottom on Goldilocks’ tummy. She giggled at how wet and warm the juices escaping Happy felt on her body and grew excited too. Happy began a slow dissent, kissing Goldilocks’ mouth, neck, breasts, nipping at the points, and tickling them with her tongue until Goldilocks had to stifle her whimpers.

“Happy, please, the royal rub,” Goldilocks said, uncaring if Happy knew what she meant or not, because everything Happy did felt good.

To her surprise, the most amazing thing happened. Happy buried her head between Goldilocks’ thighs. It was the first brush of heated breath that Goldilocks would always remember. She closed her eyes as Happy pleasured her folds with her tongue. Soon, another pair of hands joined in, and then another…Goldilocks lost count of how many daughters were present attending to her lips, her breasts, her every need…until she not only burst once or twice, but by the fourth time, even the insatiable Goldilocks had to beg them to stop.

“Oh my…Dear Princess. A more beautiful flower has never been plucked. You are still a virgin, but my, I so wish to deflower you,” Happy said. The seven daughters all looked upon her with reverence.

Goldilocks had no idea what Happy, who was now being more dopey than even Dopey, was talking about.

“What do you mean? Deflower me? I have no flowers but for this wreath upon my head!” Goldilocks responded, angrily.

Doc and Happy only laughed, which further aggravated the princess.

“Stop this at once. You’re not to mock a princess so.”

“I…we… are humbly sorry, Princess.”

With that Happy and the others left the room a lot less happy than they were just moments ago. Not another word was spoken of what transpired between them and Goldilocks was just as happy to put it out of her mind.


Goldilocks grew ever more homesick and gloomy fearing she’d end up an old maid. The daughters could not cheer her and simply went about their business. One day while they were working, Goldilocks decided to venture further into the forest. This time she dropped bread crumbs as she went. It was obvious her parents were not going to find her. Goldilocks wept as she walked until she came upon an enchanted orchard.

“My but these apples look sweet. I shall have one, only they are too high.” Goldilocks began casting stones to knock an apple free.

She soon realized she would have to climb the tree if she was to have one. She hitched up the dress that Doc had sewed for her and reached the top in record time. Pleased with her agility, she picked the nearest fruit.

The first apple she ate was crisp and sweet. She fetched another and another until she had seven wrapped up in her apron. On her way down she spotted a small tree surrounded by an alluring glow way off in the distance.

Goldilocks jumped to the ground and ran in the direction of the glow that beckoned her with amazing strength. On closer inspection, the compact tree was too perfect and with flawless apples she could easily reach without climbing. As she circled it, she came upon a sign that read: “Beware. Do not eat from the forbidden tree.”

I will not be told what to do. Goldilocks plucked an apple and took a bite. She grew instantly dizzy. Her heart beat furiously and she didn’t know what to do. So she ran and she ran until she reached the cottage and all went black.

That evening, the daughters came home to find their lovely princess lying motionless on their doorstep.

“Grumpy, get my bag at once,” Doc shouted, as she knelt down beside Goldilocks and felt for any sign of life, only to shake her head grievously.

“Nooooooooo,” Happy cried.

“Please wake up, Princess Goldilocks, please,” begged Sneezy.

Grumpy stopped grumbling. Bashful looked away. Dopey put her head in her hands. Nothing in Doc’s medical bag could revive poor Goldilocks. That’s when Doc noticed the apples.

“My word! She ate the forbidden apple. Didn’t any of you warn her about the curse of eternal sleep from even one bite?” Doc glared accusingly at each daughter as they looked despondently at their feet.

“There is only one cure for this potent curse. We must go and find her kingdom right away. We must find her true love, for only one’s true love can break this spell.”

Overcome with grief, the seven daughters washed the lovely princess and dressed her in the finest gown. They placed a crown upon her head and laid her to wait in a glass case surrounded by flowers. After many tears were spilled, they set off to find the kingdom to alert the king and queen of their daughter’s demise unless she received love’s first kiss.

They trudged on with very little food, growing weaker as the harsh winter bit into them with bitter cold. Hopes of ever finding the palace faded. Spring promised sustenance but they were weary and practically at death’s door before fate intervened and they stumbled upon the palace at last.

Doc informed the king and queen about their daughter’s circumstances. With haste, they invited them in and tended to their needs. The queen wept and the king had a tough time maintaining his strength. Cornelia refused to believe her princess dead and called at once for horses. She demanded the daughters take her to Goldilocks without further delay.

They set off. It took Cornelia and the seven daughters two days to reach the thatched cottage. Cornelia jumped off her horse, gasped when she saw her princess, still breath-taking beneath the glass, and wept.

With everyone’s help, Cornelia lifted the glass and cast it aside. She then embraced her lifeless princess, pulling her close, begging Goldilocks to wake up for she loved her with all her heart and promised to please her forever more.

Doc patted Cornelia’s arm and spoke, “Legend has it that the spell of the forbidden apple can only be broken by love’s first kiss.”

Cornelia could not believe her ears, but she gazed upon the most beautiful creature she had ever known and loved and with tears streaming down her face, she placed a wet kiss upon Goldilocks’ lips. Nothing happened. Witnessed by all who stood in hope, she tried again.

This time, Cornelia did not place a chaste kiss upon Goldilocks, but bestowed a deep and lasting lover’s kiss, and lo and behold, she felt a stirring in her arms.

Goldilocks stretched and yawned. She looked upon Cornelia and their smiles turned grey skies to blue. Goldilocks kissed Cornelia with everything she had. The seven daughters rejoiced, the henchmen rode off to fetch the king and queen to witness Goldilocks and Cornelia profess their eternal love.


Goldilocks and Cornelia were married by the vicar the following spring in the presence of the king and queen and all the loyal subjects. The seven daughters were delighted to act as bridesmaids and wished the couple well. They lived happily ever after.

The End.

Author of “Across the Pond” by Ylva Publishing

2010 GCLS Award-winning author of “Attractions of the Heart”



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I’ve been blogged…

My Ylva Blog Hop surprise guest!

As posted here: Home of Cheri’s latest blog  A huge thank you to Gill McKnight for hosting my latest blog. Gill’s generous intro: “Who can it be, I hear you ask.
I myself had no idea until the parcel from Ylva arrived and I tore the hood from off her head and the gaffer tape from her lips. Then the wonderful Cheri Crystal sat down at my laptop and blogged away. This is what [Cheri] had to say…”


Cheri in Cornwall for blog hop

Born and raised in New York, I never imagined I’d leave America to live in England. But the game plan changed when I fell madly in love with a British woman. Unable to live without her, I married her in New York when same-sex marriage became legal; left my conventional life and native land and moved across the pond. I’ve been settled in Devon for four years now and still have to pinch myself to believe I’m really here.

Moors for blog hop
The Devon Moors

While I miss America and visit as often as I can, the southwest of England is a lovely part of the world and it’s a pleasure to live here. I’m fortunate to have ample opportunity to travel and explore, and I love that I get to work in a foreign country. It’s been quite the adventure.

After writing short lesbian fiction for many years, including a 2010 GCLS winner for lesbian erotica, Attractions of the Heart, I’m proud to announce that Across the Pond, my first novel published by Ylva, is finally here. While the story may be loosely based on my experiences, I promise the characters and plot are purely fictitious. I’ve even taken some liberties with the setting.


Torquay, Devon
Torquay, Devon

It’s not easy leaving family, country, and everything you’ve ever known, but had I not ventured and questioned the status quo, had I not allowed myself the freedom to be me, then I’d have missed out on what was clearly meant to be. Let the adventure continue…Thanks for reading!

Across the Pond
Across the Pond


You can buy Cheri’s book Across the Pond here…

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Ylva Blog Hop_I’m up next_And here’s the link

Feel free to check out my latest blog that I hope will give some insight to where I got the idea for Across the Pond.

I’ve been blogged. Here’s the link for those interested: Ylva Blog Hop_Cheri Crystal

Across the Pond is available for purchase in various formats from eBook to print versions. To buy a copy please click here. Thank you.

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Blogging at Ylva

Check out what Ylva authors got for Christmas here Click here for our blog

What readers are saying about Across the Pond Reviews of Across the Pond–Feel free to add one of your own. Thanks for reading x Ayiesha says: “The character development of this novel was really well written and timed… You really get to know the characters and it feels as though you are with them on their adventures. As a reader you could get into the minds and each personality of every character within the book.Overall, I would most definitely recommend this book to my friends. If you like romance, humour and hurt/comfort then this is the book to get stuck into.” Shelley says: “This is a bittersweet story all around…The angst is a bit thick and the ending a bit abrupt. But if you want sweet and don’t mind a quick ending, this story is for you.”

More reviews posted on Goodreads. I’m extremely grateful and thank all reviewers for their honest comments.Thank you all! X


Order a copy from

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Across the Pond by Cheri Crystal


Separated by an ocean and cultural differences, can Janalyn and Robyn make a life together?


After having been betrayed by her partner of thirteen years, Janalyn isn’t looking for another relationship, especially not one separated by miles of ocean.

But when she travels to Devon, England, for a conference and meets a sporty Brit named Robin, desires Janalyn thought were permanently lost are suddenly back and stronger than ever.

Despite cultural differences, poking fun at each other’s use of the English language, and Robin coming off as a player, Janalyn can’t help the attraction she feels, no matter how hard she tries.

Can she and Robin find a common ground upon which to make a life together? Will Janalyn throw caution to the wind and risk her heart again? If Janalyn does indeed venture across the pond, will love be her life preserver?

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Free Read: Summer Relief as it appeared in DIVA

Summer Relief

By Cheri Crystal

It had been a year since my partner left me for a younger, fitter and prettier model. I hadn’t realized just how shallow Penny was until she spat, “You’re too bloody fat and I hate your hair!” Seriously? We both knew the real reason we split was due to her mid-life crisis and loss of libido—not mine. Sick of ruminating about how wrong I’d been about her earlier, I booked a summer holiday in Dartmouth for relief. A new outlook should get me out of my rut.

Blackpool Sands brochure couldn’t capture the fragrance of sea air and pine. With luck the sunny skies would last. On day one, wearing baggy shorts and t-shirt, I carried a towel to the beach with plans of lounging while reading a trashy novel.

I finished the juicy bit in my book when I needed a stretch. On the way to the cafe, I spotted a willowy blonde posing at the kayak rental stand. With bronzed skin, belted boy shorts and bikini bra in a brightly-coloured orange like the safety vests worn by road crew, her demeanour shouted, “Shag me now!” Or maybe, “Caution!” My resultant adrenaline overload put me in a right mess in my nether regions. She glanced my way and with her simple nod, I was in lust. I forgot what I set out to do and had a prime view of her bum on the way back to my towel.

Before I knew it, she stood at my feet. I stared up at her breasts supported by underwire straining at the seams. Perhaps she would allow me to help before her straps gave out? She smelled of toasted coconut. Irresistible.

“Hiya, alright?” She checked me over lingering at my lips and tits and chuckled at my toes. I could be such a girl and had painted my nails a creamy tango red called, “Forever Young.”

This tanned goddess had to be a figment of my hypersexual imagination. My lips dried up and my pussy grew wet. I needed a brisk swim to camouflage my desire.

“We rent kayaks. You interested?”

I stood and brushed shingle sand off my shorts. “How much?”

“For you?” She sized me up again. “It’s on me.”

“Thanks mate. I haven’t tried this before.”

“Okay if I give you a few pointers?”

“Yes please.”

She grabbed her personal kayak instead of a rental.

“You climb in front.”

“Are you sure? It’s rather small.”

“Rubbish. I’ll take the stern.” She moistened her lips and I nearly drowned. The water temperature was only 16 degrees, if that. Between her nipples popping out and my internal inferno, the cold helped keep my rising heat at bay, barely.

“I’m Handy Mandy, your instructor.”

“Loose Linda,” I teased back.

“Perfect partners, us.” Her grin was as wide as mine. “Shall we get started then?”

“Yes, please.” I may have sounded eager, but I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm.

“Come closer.”

She placed her arms and legs around me. “Hand me the paddle and lean way back.”

No problem! Blimey, she was hot.

With skilful manoeuvres she picked up speed and rowed beyond the buoys.

“Shouldn’t we stay within the marked area?”

“We’ll be fine.” Her muscles flexed as she steered, her crotch grinding into my bum. I nearly came in my pants.

In sync with the subtle waves we moved further away from the shore when she handed me the oar. “Your turn.” Her breath warmed my neck, sending shivers down my spine.

I kept a tight grip on the paddle, thrilled about my new skill when I noticed her fingers inch their way up my thighs and past the entrance of my shorts.

“Keep going,” she instructed. That should have been my line, but I was too breathless.

“Steady, girl,” she said, after my paddling became erratic.

I threw my head back, lost my bearings and gasped when her fingers found my pussy.

“You feel amazing.”

I gulped in sea air as she feverishly worked my clit with her thumb, thrusting two fingers into my pussy.

“Is this okay?”

“Yes, please, oh yes.”

On the open water, with only the gulls and my goddess as witness, I rocked the kayak with wild abandon until my clit was ready to explode.

“Let it go!”

I came so hard, we capsized. The life vest kept me afloat, but she gave me mouth-to-mouth, just in case. After the hottest sex and sweetest kiss, I was out of my rut. What a relief.

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FREEBIE: SUMMER RELIEF as it appears in the July 2015 issue of DIVA magazine!


TGIF! AND HALLELULAH IT ALMOST FEELS LIKE SUMMER IN MY PART OF THE WORLD. As a special treat here’s my contest-winning super sexy short story as it first appeared in DIVA magazine This story contains crude language, lesbian sex and adult themes. Read at your own risk. If you enjoy this teaser you may have to buy all Cheri Crystal and Jennifer Wren stories online. I truly hope so. XXX

Read more

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Don’t Be Shy and buy your copy today!

Dont-Be-Shy-vol-i-800 Cover reveal and Promotional(1)

Twelve authors of lesbian fiction bring you short stories that focus on the sensual, red-hot delights of sex between women and the celebration of the female form in all its diverse hedonism.

You’ll find intimate encounters between strangers, couples playing out their most titillating fantasies, one-night stands, and stories featuring slow, sultry weekends. Are you up for toys, hot sex, and fun?

Are you in the mood for something spicy?

I’m not too shy to announce I have a sizzling tale in this fine collection. I hope you enjoy “Treatment Nurse” and come back for more. With love and hugs to my faithful readers.  You’re support is what keeps my creative juices flowing. XXX

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Mama Knows

At thirty-five, Rue still lives at home and isn’t looking for a steady job or a steady relationship. But then her mother buys her a trip on a chartered singles’ tour in Europe. On a bus with a bunch of chatty breeders, Rue is prepared for boredom. As she and a feisty gal named Billy share a heated encounter on the ferry to France, Rue begins to think that maybe Mama really knows best.


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