A Happy Mother’s Day Indeed

Dear Mommy,

You are the best and for that I will write you a letter stating why you are so. You have taught me things about life that a regular teacher couldn’t. You have the skill to make me laugh even at my worst moments. You always have a story that can relate to my problems and make them sound a hundred times worse then mine just to cheer me up. You are the only person I know that I could have a “soap opera moment” with (if you know what I mean). ¬†You make me feel special by saying I’m the best daughter in the world … even though I’m your one and only. You may not know this but you are the best mommy in the world. I am convinced that no one’s better.

No one else can make greasy grilled cheeses or french toast like you can. No one can play cards and at first be loosing and then completely end up beating me like you can. No one can blow on food to make it cooler like you can (the super blow). No one can sing better to Shania Twain’s music while driving. No one can chase after their dream with out giving up better than you. No one can dance as well as you can. No one can walk as much as you can. No one can change their mind as fast as you can. No one can complain as much as you can … I’m convinced that it’s a skill.

You are unique and always can make an impression on someone. You are full of life and laughter. You are loud and crazy. That’s why I love you. You are open and understanding. That’s why I love you. You are the best mommy ever… even though you don’t think so. But I do, and my opinion probably matters more since I’m the daughter! Anyways, you’re amazing so don’t ever change.

Thank you for always being there for me even when I’m a huge brat. I love you a lot. Happy Mothers day!!

Yours truly,


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