Barbara is a ‘totally’ straight married mom living in comfortable hetero-privilege. She has never had reason to suspect she was a lesbian before. Soon after a total hysterectomy, fate intervenes and throws her ordered life into total chaos. Further complications ensue when she finds herself attracted to women, and then falls in love with Adina, who is also a married woman with children. What is Barbara to do when a hot and steamy affair threatens her world and rocks her soul in a way she never imagined?


“I’m sorry, Barbie, I don’t know what came over me.” Her voice faltered and her beautiful smile slid into a contorted frown.
I couldn’t allow that. She’d get wrinkles in her flawless complexion, so I did what any good friend would do. I kissed her. And this time, seconds slowed to lust-filled moments, followed by hours. My sense of self awakened. I needed to embrace every part of her body. I savored how smooth and creamy her skin felt, especially her face, and reveled in her all-consuming response to my touch. I explored the inside of her mouth with my tongue and cherished her flesh with eager hands. I longed to make love to her until I had memorized each hill and valley in what promised to be the most treasured and pleasant journey of my life.
She entangled her fingers in my hair and clutched my head in a seductive hold. I used my hands to grope her back and grip her ass and to maneuver our bodies until we were completely attached to each other from our lips to our breasts. I pushed my crotch against her thigh and kissed her deeper still. She responded by fondling my hardened nipples.
“Oh, my God,” I said, following the most satisfying kiss I’d ever had. “I can’t get enough of you—”
“Nor I, you.”
“Follow me,” I said, taking her hand. I led her to the spare bedroom off the kitchen. It was the closest place, and my body couldn’t wait any longer.
Once inside the room, I turned to face her again. My resolve wavered. “Are you sure about this?” I asked, praying she wouldn’t back down.

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