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What readers are saying about Across the Pond Reviews of Across the Pond–Feel free to add one of your own. Thanks for reading x Ayiesha says: “The character development of this novel was really well written and timed… You really get to know the characters and it feels as though you are with them on their adventures. As a reader you could get into the minds and each personality of every character within the book.Overall, I would most definitely recommend this book to my friends. If you like romance, humour and hurt/comfort then this is the book to get stuck into.” Shelley says: “This is a bittersweet story all around…The angst is a bit thick and the ending a bit abrupt. But if you want sweet and don’t mind a quick ending, this story is for you.”

More reviews posted on Goodreads. I’m extremely grateful and thank all reviewers for their honest comments.Thank you all! X


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