Consult My Pussy Out Now!


There’s more to Alex King than meets the eye. What is this arrogant hunk hiding and will Raina find out?

When Raina’s boss hires a consultant named Alex King, a much sought after financial advisor, she finds herself resisting more than professional competition. The last thing Raina needs is a consultant to tell her is how to do her job. What she doesn’t count on is Alex’s persistence. Alex might be as sexy as hell, and Raina is determined to fight temptation, but her pesky salacious thoughts are no match even for a control freak. She longs to crack the consultant’s impeccable facade. Can Raina remain aloof? Or will she acquiesce to the heated advances of Alex King? In what could be the ultimate office hook up Raina discovers what you see isn’t necessarily what you get-it’s actually better.
Not accustomed to being immobilized in the presence of just anyone, I met this Alex King’s outstretched hand, shocked when his firm grasp electrified me up to my armpits. I hadn’t missed how his narrow waist led to…damn, any hot-blooded woman couldn’t fail to notice his porn star-sized package, if she was in the market for it. Which I wasn’t. It had been years since I had been attracted to a man. Now, masculinity, that’s another thing. It’s true that I liked my women butch, and my pussy came alive when they packed, but I hadn’t considered a cis-gendered man since college. Who was this man? Where had he come from to exude such blatant confidence, thus undermining my own? Instead of sporting a professional hairstyle, his longish, wavy hair, gelled to a lustrous sheen, was reason enough to discount his credibility. How could I take a man seriously when he looked so damn sexy in a suit? Not that I was prone to falling for stereotypes, but his pretty-boy smile, emphasis on pretty, bold swagger and charisma tainted my first impression anyway.

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The 2010 Golden Crown Literary Award Winners

Congratulations to all the Goldie winners!


gcls_2010-2011Here I am sandwiched between KG MacGregor and SX Meagher. I was ecstatic to the max to say the least. I’m still floating above the stratosphere and don’t plan on coming back down anytime soon.

I am proud and honored to be included in this list.
And the Goldy goes to:

Anthology – non-erotica
And Baby Makes More – eds. Goldberg/C. Rose
Year’s Best Lesbian Fiction ’08 – ed. Fran Walker

Debut Author:
Keile’s Chance-Dillon Watson
October’s Promise-Marianne Garver
Waltzing at Midnight-Robbi McCoy

Dramatic/general fiction:
Detours-Jane Vollbrecht
Family Affair-Saxon Bennett
Gemini-Geonn Cannon

Attractions of the Heart-Cheri Crystal
Nights Kiss- Catherine Lundoff

Historical Romance:
Backwards to Oregon-Jae
Kicker’s Journey Lois Cloarec Hart

Possessing Morgan-Erica Lawson
Veritas-Anne Laughlin
Who’ll Be Dead for Christmas-Kate Sweeney

Paranormal Romance:
Barking at the Moon-Nene Adams
Everafter-Nell Stark/Trinity Tam

Bird Eating Bird-Kristen Naca
In Praise of Falling-Cheryl Dumesnil
The Heart’s Traffic-Ching-in Chen

Romantic suspense/intrigue/adventure:
Next of Kin-Jae
The Scorpion-Gerri Hill
Thief of Always-Kim Baldwin/Xenia Alexiou

Short Story/Essay/Collections Non-erotica
Mean Little Deaf Queer-Terry Galloway
My Sweet Wild Dance-Mikaya Heart
Outsiders-K. Sweeney/ JD Glass/L Ames/S Smith/G Beers

Speculative Fiction:
Forever Mine-KD Williamson
Second Nature-Jae
The Veil of Sorrow-Crystal Michallet-Romero

Traditional Contemporary Romance
Keile’s Chance-Dillon Watson
Stranded-Blayne Cooper
Worth Every Step-KG MacGregor

Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award:
Beggar of Love-Lee Lynch

Director’s Award:
Rosa Moran

Trailblazer Award:
Ellen Hart

Attractions of the Heart is a Finalist for a 2010 Golden Crown Literary Award



“Attractions of the Heart,” my erotic collection of lesbian love stories, has been short-listed in the Lesbian Erotica category of the Golden Crown Literary Awards 2010.
To join the GCLS organization:
To view the short lists posted so far:

Congrats to all the Goldy finalists!!! See you at the convention this June. It’s going to be a blast!

Winners will be announced at the annual convention in Orlando, Florida this June. Visit the website for more details.

I hope to see you there.


Lambda Literary Awards May 28, 2009

It may have been a miserable and rainy night in Midtown Manhattan, but the sun was shinning at the 21st Annual Lambda Literary Awards.

Congrats to all the finalists and winners.

And the Lammy goes to:

Bisexual: Open, Jenny Block, Seal Press
Transgender: Intersex (For Lack of a Better Word), Thea Hillman, Manic D Press
LGBT Anthology: Our Caribbean, edited by Thomas Glave, Duke University Press
LGBT Childrens/Young Adult: Out of Pocket, Bill Konigsberg, Dutton
LGBT Drama: The Second Coming of Joan of Arc & Selected Plays, Carolyn Gage, Outskirts Press
LGBT Nonfiction: Loving The Difficult, Jane Rule, Hedgerow Press
LGBT Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror: Turnskin, Nicole Kimberling, Blind Eye Books
LGBT Studies: Criminal Intimacy: Prison and the Uneven History of Modern American Sexuality, Regina Kunzel, University of Chicago Press
Lebsian Debut Fiction: The Bruise, Magdalena Zurawski, Fiction Collective Two/University of Alabama Press
Lesbian Erotica: In Deep Waters 2: Cruising the Strip, Radclyffe and Karin Kallmaker, Bold Strokes Books
Lesbian Fiction (a tie): The Sealed Letter, Emma Donoghue, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and All the Pretty Girls, Chandra Mayor, Conundrum Press
Lesbian Memoir/biography: Sex Talks to Girls, Maureen Seaton, University of Wisconsin Press
Lesbian Mystery: Whacked, Josie Gordon, Bella Books
Lesbian Poetry: love belongs to those who do the feeling, Judy Grahn, Red Hen Press
Lesbian Romance: The Kiss that Counted, Karin Kallmaker, Bella Books
Gay Debut Fiction: Finlater, Shawn Stewart Ruff, Quote Editions
Gay Erotica: Best Gay Erotica 2009, Richard Labonte & James Lear, Cleis Press
Gay Fiction: The Conversion, Joseph Olshan, St. Martin’s Press
Gay Memoir/Biography: Edward Carpenter: A Life of Liberty and Love, Sheila Rowbotham< Verso Books
Gay Mystery: First You Fall, Scott Sherman, Alyson Books
Gay Poetry (tie): Fire to Fire, mark Doty, Harper and Now You’re the Enemy, James Allen Hall, University of Arkansas Press
Gay Romance: Got ’til it’s Gone, Larry Duplechan, Arsenal Pulp Press