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What readers are saying about Across the Pond Reviews of Across the Pond–Feel free to add one of your own. Thanks for reading x Ayiesha says: “The character development of this novel was really well written and timed… You really get to know the characters and it feels as though you are with them on their adventures. As a reader you could get into the minds and each personality of every character within the book.Overall, I would most definitely recommend this book to my friends. If you like romance, humour and hurt/comfort then this is the book to get stuck into.” Shelley says: “This is a bittersweet story all around…The angst is a bit thick and the ending a bit abrupt. But if you want sweet and don’t mind a quick ending, this story is for you.”

More reviews posted on Goodreads. I’m extremely grateful and thank all reviewers for their honest comments.Thank you all! X


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Innocent Kiss by Cheri Crystal
Innocent Kiss by Cheri Crystal

Contains adult theme. Must be 18 to purchase.

Charly’s love for Suzette escalates during a sleepover while acting out the ’70s smash hit, Love Story by Erich Segal. When raging hormones and a disheartening rebuff from the object of her desire leaves her hurt, confused, and at odds with her best friend, Charly seeks an outlet for her pent up desire. She develops a competitive edge and Suzette becomes her biggest adversary. Will what starts as an innocent kiss end up becoming so much more?

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Consult My Pussy Out Now!


There’s more to Alex King than meets the eye. What is this arrogant hunk hiding and will Raina find out?

When Raina’s boss hires a consultant named Alex King, a much sought after financial advisor, she finds herself resisting more than professional competition. The last thing Raina needs is a consultant to tell her is how to do her job. What she doesn’t count on is Alex’s persistence. Alex might be as sexy as hell, and Raina is determined to fight temptation, but her pesky salacious thoughts are no match even for a control freak. She longs to crack the consultant’s impeccable facade. Can Raina remain aloof? Or will she acquiesce to the heated advances of Alex King? In what could be the ultimate office hook up Raina discovers what you see isn’t necessarily what you get-it’s actually better.
Not accustomed to being immobilized in the presence of just anyone, I met this Alex King’s outstretched hand, shocked when his firm grasp electrified me up to my armpits. I hadn’t missed how his narrow waist led to…damn, any hot-blooded woman couldn’t fail to notice his porn star-sized package, if she was in the market for it. Which I wasn’t. It had been years since I had been attracted to a man. Now, masculinity, that’s another thing. It’s true that I liked my women butch, and my pussy came alive when they packed, but I hadn’t considered a cis-gendered man since college. Who was this man? Where had he come from to exude such blatant confidence, thus undermining my own? Instead of sporting a professional hairstyle, his longish, wavy hair, gelled to a lustrous sheen, was reason enough to discount his credibility. How could I take a man seriously when he looked so damn sexy in a suit? Not that I was prone to falling for stereotypes, but his pretty-boy smile, emphasis on pretty, bold swagger and charisma tainted my first impression anyway.

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Radio Blog


I would like to thank all the listeners for joining me during my first radio blog. That was the quickest hour of my day! I’d also like to thank my most gracious host, Lara Zielinsky. You rock, Lara! My hats off to you for this wonderful venue. Eighteen months and going strong. I was honored to be your guest, especially when you have had and continue to have an impressive guest list of talented authors.

Here’s the link for those who have missed my show or any of the others that are generously archived:

“Readings in Lesbian & Bisexual Women’s Fiction”
from May 20, 2010, with host Lara Zielinsky.

I had a blast and thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Have a great Friday and let’s get this party started ASAP!


Cheri Crystal
Author of Attractions of the Heart
Golden Crown Literary Society 2010 Finalist