Top Bird has been re-released in loving memory of my dear friend, John Ellis. Gone much too soon!


When Eve Archer, the Senior Head Keeper of Birds, and a hunky, arrogant coworker attend a symposium in San Diego, she flies the coop and lands in Jack Thomas’ lap, but not without some help from him. Eve has been able to keep her distance up until now, but her palpable attraction for Jack gets way out of hand and she’s ready to smack him for feeding into her heightened arousal. Against Eve’s better judgment, their professional relationship turns personal and she finds herself battling Jack for the top bird position in the bedroom. Two spanky birders ruffle more than their feathers in this erotic turned romantic romp.


“What are you doing?” I hissed.
He laughed and it pissed me off worse than before.
“What’s so funny?”
“You, particularly when you’re jealous.”
“I am not jealous. You’re delusional.”
“Come on, let’s go talk about work.” I felt his warm breath and was keenly aware of his every movement as he followed me to my room. When I turned around, his face was dangerously close to mine. He didn’t have to lure me inside with a mouse like our famed crane Lucy. We stepped into the room and I turned towards him ready to reprimand his bad behavior, when he closed in on me. Heat radiated off his body mixing with cologne and smoke and…sex. He was so freaking hard. The bulge in his pants strained the durable fabric in an enticing denim-cloaked erection that fueled my fury. I’d have had to be dead to resist that!
“We’re here for the conference…” My throat closed. All the moisture in my mouth headed south. My breath quickened and I wondered if I’d hyperventilate.
“Whatever you say, boss.” He smirked, and I licked my parched lips that thirsted for his kiss.
There was no way I was kissing him. No way! Desire soaked my thong making it unbearable to just stand there and do nothing. Jack’s eyes darkened. He dared me, teased me, and implored me to do what was so obvious we both needed.
“You know you want this, Eve. Why make it harder than it already is?”
I slapped his face – hard. He didn’t flinch and even though my palm smarted, I went for a repeat performance. Sexual harassment be damned. Jack made it too obvious he was enjoying this. If I wasn’t so horny, I’d have had more energy to seethe.
He caught my hand again when I raised my fist.
“Stop, teasing me, you bastard.”
“You asked for it.”
“You’re so full of yourself.”
“And you’re sexier than hell when you’re pissed.” He ran a finger through my hair.
I slapped his hand.
“You’re a feisty little bird, aren’t you, Eve?”
“Don’t tempt me, Jack. You don’t want to see how feisty a bird I can be.”
He clucked his tongue. “The pretty ones are often the nastiest.”
“Stop flattering me or I’ll slap you again,” I warned, yet not very convincing.
“Make me.”
I raised my hand, but against my better judgment, I threw my arms around his neck. I kicked off my flip-flops and they went flying. My lips landed on his like a bird on a perch.
Our tongues battled it out. I intended to teach him a lesson for making my body betray me. Surely I was stronger than his magnetism, his rugged sex appeal that had me and everyone else at work drooling. I was an accomplished control freak on the job, so what the heck happened to my resolve?