Coming Clean-Review

I’m so excited, I simply had to share! I had my first review ever. No longer a virgin and loving it!!! LOL. Shameless self-promotion to follow. Thanks for indulging me. Here’s what Robyn Glazer wrote about my story. I’m still above the clouds at the moment.

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Although the process of trying to have a baby has worn on Ben and Allison,
they decide to do whatever they can to make that precious baby. After they
realize the tedium has brought their marriage down, they begin to explore ways
to make themselves happy and are able to recapture their love through sexual
and emotional healing.
Ben and Allison are extremely likable characters and the reader is able
to root for them to get whatever they want. The passion they feel for each
other is evident and is an integral part of the story. The author offers many
interesting details from the Jewish religion and it was interesting how she
seamlessly integrated those details with Ben and Allison’s sexual coming
together. Coming Clean is a fun story with crisp writing.
Reviewed by Robyn Glazer

Cheri Crystal
“Coming Clean is a fun story with crisp writing…” ~Robyn Glazer


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