In honor of the Lambda Literary Foundation Award Ceremony, Debut will be released May 28th to commemorate the event.
Title: Debut
Author: Cheri Crystal
ISBN: Ebook ISBN:978-1-60054-295-4
Imagine meeting your favorite author in the flesh for the first time. She’s a Debut Author finalist and you’re presenting the award for Best Lesbian Erotica. After spending a year getting acquainted and growing closer via email, the Lambda Literary Awards Ceremony promises to be a momentous occasion for both authors.
The Lambda Literary Award night is about to get even hotter. An author, who isn’t up for a Lambda Literary Award herself, is a presenter, and has a rather vested interest in one of the finalists, Angel. New to the lesbian romance genre, the two women have discussed everything, including best sexual positions and writing insight. For her first novel, Angel is receiving great press, amongst other things. For a fun-filled, action-packed evening with lots at stake, both authors finally meet face to face for the first time.

Dedication: To the Lambda Literary Foundation for fueling my imagination and lending me a great setting for Debut. But mostly for providing the best forum in which to promote, celebrate and showcase our work. To all the authors who inspire me to improve my craft through their fine examples. And most of all, to the readers who make what we do more worthwhile.

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