Review for Keeping Up With Hornelia

Title: Keeping Up With Hornelia
Author: Cheri Crystal
ISBN: 978-1-60054- 324-1
Review by: Anna F, Author and Reviewer


Keeping Up with Hornelia: A woman with an attraction…and much to her surprise and delight, the object of her affection responds positively.  They get it on, and spend time getting to know one another (a rare occurrence with erotica!)  This story from Cheri Crystal is more than erotica, though.  It is founded in reality and is laced with a true love-story in its short, entertaining span.

Travel through a budding relationship, the flowering of a couple-in-love who enjoy sex with one another (really enjoy it!), then read about what happens when life starts to get in the way and one of the couple starts to doubt her own loveliness.  Two people, identified to us only by their nicknames for one another, Hornelia and Studly.  Will they continue to be for each other what their names imply?  This story has everything, real life, romance and hot sex.  Read it and be entertained.  Read it and shake your head in agreement.  Read it and appreciate Cheri Crystal’s way with words!

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