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Title: Ask the Author: Cheri Crystal - Attractions of the Heart

Date: Friday December 18, 2009
Time: All Day
Repeats: This event repeats every day until Monday December 21, 2009.
Location: Virtual Living Room
Notes: Attractions of the Heart, a romantic collection of erotic short stories, begins with a hot date, and ends with a commitment ceremony. Enjoy a lovely meal at “Lobster Box.” Take a Caribbean vacation and plan ground rules that aren’t set in stone in “Best Friends Don’t F*ck.” How about “Going Fishing” for the ultimate hook up? Or “Taking Chances” on love when the stakes are high. Who said “Climbing Rocks,” “Dogging,” or “Trucking” couldn’t lead to sexcapades? Maybe you need an “Exercise Dyke” for the supreme workout or you wonder when designing a cookbook as a fundraiser for your softball team, “Does The Butch Come With The Recipe?” Maybe you’re ready to take a “Mile High Dare.” Whatever your tastes, Cheri Crystal offers an impressive FemErotica selection. So, have fun with “Tina in Toyland,” hire an “Escort,” say, “Me, Too,” for a three-way, win an award in “Debut,” have a “Nightcap,” or try “Keeping Up With Hornelia,” but don’t miss “Seeing It Through.”

For critically acclaimed, “funny, charming stories,” “crisp writing,” “frank sexuality,” and “top of the line female eroticism,” Cheri Crystal’s Attractions of the Heart has something for everyone.

Cheri Crystal reviews lesbian fiction when she’s not busy spending time with her family, working in healthcare, and writing her own lesbian adventures and erotic romances. She enjoys all types of intellectual and physical activities and considers herself lucky that she can immerse herself in the literary community at every spare opportunity. Cheri has many published stories in anthologies and online with She’s written two novels and is working on a third that she hopes to one day publish. Her first solo anthology, Attractions of the Heart, came out October 4, 2009 and will be launched in Provincetown during Women’s Week. It has her brimming with excitement, pride and joy. Visit Cheri’s Website: or Contact her at She’d love to hear from you.

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