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My Ylva Blog Hop surprise guest!

As posted here: Home of Cheri’s latest blog  A huge thank you to Gill McKnight for hosting my latest blog. Gill’s generous intro: “Who can it be, I hear you ask.
I myself had no idea until the parcel from Ylva arrived and I tore the hood from off her head and the gaffer tape from her lips. Then the wonderful Cheri Crystal sat down at my laptop and blogged away. This is what [Cheri] had to say…”


Cheri in Cornwall for blog hop

Born and raised in New York, I never imagined I’d leave America to live in England. But the game plan changed when I fell madly in love with a British woman. Unable to live without her, I married her in New York when same-sex marriage became legal; left my conventional life and native land and moved across the pond. I’ve been settled in Devon for four years now and still have to pinch myself to believe I’m really here.

Moors for blog hop
The Devon Moors

While I miss America and visit as often as I can, the southwest of England is a lovely part of the world and it’s a pleasure to live here. I’m fortunate to have ample opportunity to travel and explore, and I love that I get to work in a foreign country. It’s been quite the adventure.

After writing short lesbian fiction for many years, including a 2010 GCLS winner for lesbian erotica, Attractions of the Heart, I’m proud to announce that Across the Pond, my first novel published by Ylva, is finally here. While the story may be loosely based on my experiences, I promise the characters and plot are purely fictitious. I’ve even taken some liberties with the setting.


Torquay, Devon
Torquay, Devon

It’s not easy leaving family, country, and everything you’ve ever known, but had I not ventured and questioned the status quo, had I not allowed myself the freedom to be me, then I’d have missed out on what was clearly meant to be. Let the adventure continue…Thanks for reading!

Across the Pond
Across the Pond


You can buy Cheri’s book Across the Pond here…


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