Kumquat, Did You Say?


Title: Kumquat, Did You Say?
Author: Cheri Crystal
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-359-3
Ebook Price:  2.75

Who said having a baby isn’t butch? Kumquat, Did You Say? gives new meaning to the adage, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

Vicki may wear the pants, but this butch wants to give her wife a baby anyway. It’s possibly the hardest job she ever has to do, but Vic would go to any lengths for her girl. Between dashed hopes and dreams, lesbian bed death, and the trials and tribulations of infertility, can this couple ever hope to survive the ordeal and be parents someday?


I’d read that having an orgasm increased the chance of conception, but, under the least romantic circumstances, that was easier said than done. The spontaneity of our sex life was kaput, but the microscopic swimmers from the sperm bank were expensive, and I would go to any lengths to please my girl. She knew I wore the pants in the family even though I agreed to bear our children. Who said giving birth wasn’t butch? Personally, I couldn’t think of anything tougher. It kind of scared the shit out of me.

At first, I felt like a living testimony that basal thermometers, temperature charts, and fucking on a schedule were the leading causes of Lesbian Bed Death. But I soon got over it. If one orgasm made those buggers swim up the Fallopian tubes faster, then three were better than one. Right?

Once I switched gears and focused on the sex rather than making a baby, I was coming all over the place, and praying for a miracle. I would climax before the insemination and then follow up the turkey baster with a double just to clinch it.

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