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Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-360-9
Length: 5,676 words
Rating: Shooting Star
lyd Category: FemErotica
Genre: Lesbian Erotica/Contemporary
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A dietitian and a medical resident are set up on a blind date by a persistent, meddling, mutual friend. Laurie hopes they don’t end up talking diets, but she wouldn’t mind playing doctor. Will the best date ever lead to more than they ever dreamed possible?

Laurie, a dietitian in a nursing home, is sick of being single, but when she finally allows a meddling coworker to set her up with a family friend, she meets Leslie, a medical resident, and sparks fly. Blind dates can be a living hell, but mishaps and surprises are in store.

Lobster Box mixes comedy, lust and a fancy dinner that one hopes will turn into a delectable meal worth savoring.



“You’re beautiful.” She breathed the words into my ear, sending goose bumps down my spine.
“You too.”

Her face was like ice, but her mouth, so warm and welcoming, heated me to the core. I desperately wanted to move further south towards her other warmth, but my mother’s warning about cows and milk haunted me. I had to slow this down. She was too important to risk giving it away for free. My dilemma was soon forgotten. She reached around me and opened the car door. I practically fell into the seat and she tumbled in after me. We didn’t go all the way, but her kisses were out of this world.

I can’t remember her driving us back to my house, but I can remember every detail about her talented tongue and passionate embrace that left us both breathless.

“Are you up for lobster and all the trimmings? There’s a great place at City Island.”
“Lobster?” She was a resident and lobster dinners weren’t cheap. I could offer to split the bill.
“I should have asked first. Do you keep kosher?”
“Me? No. I love lobster, bacon, and veal parmesan is my favorite.”
“Good. How about we go to the Lobster Box next Saturday then?”
“Lobster Box?” I grinned. “Great name.”
“Don’t start. I’m sure that’s not what they meant. If you’d rather go to Seashore, we could do that.”
“No way, I think the box sounds like fun.” I winked, and then I remembered teasing wasn’t fair if I wasn’t planning on putting out. I tucked away the grin by sucking the insides of my cheeks with my teeth. It only served to make me look like a fish. Leslie tried to keep a straight face, but she ended up laughing her ass off and so did I.
“Well?” She looked at me expectantly.
I had forgotten I hadn’t answered her question. “Sure. I’m actually working 7-3 next weekend and will be in the Bronx.”
“Perfect. You can come over after work, shower, change, and we’ll go. I only have rounds at Jacoby in the morning. Just park in the garage across from my building. I’ll give you directions, if you promise to follow them.”
“I’d love it!” I hoped I didn’t sound too enthusiastic but it was easy to tell when I was excited and after twenty-three years, I doubted there was much chance of changing my personality.
“Great, see you then.”

I gave her a smooch for the road and didn’t close the front door until long after she’d gone.

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