Taking Chances coming out soon



Sometimes, the only way to fulfill dreams is to take a chance without holding anything back. Jordan and Melanie will have to conquer their greatest fears if their future together includes more than friendship. Will they make it to the top?


Jordan and Melanie are great together in every way as long as it doesn’t involve sex and commitment. Jordan has always had the hots for Melanie and suspects her friend returns her affection, although she’s too afraid to admit it. Can they take their relationship to the next step without losing their footing? Jordan thinks they can and should. ¬†She works hard to make Melanie see things from her point of view. Sure, they each have their fears, but Jordan is willing to do anything to win her friend’s heart, mind, body and soul. Discover the lengths Jordan has to go if she has a prayer of winning over the girl of her dreams.



I shut up, but I didn’t give up. I was going to get my way if I had to tickle, torture, bribe, cajole or torment it out of her. That’s when I saw the sign stapled to a telephone pole: County Fair Saturday and Sunday from Noon to Midnight. Excellent.

“Okay, I know how much you love to win. Here’s the deal.”

She didn’t speak, but I could smell wood burning. Did I know my friend or what? She could never pass up a contest-pissing or otherwise.

“We go to the fair and pick a game. Any game. If I win, I get my way. If you win, I don’t.”

The color rose in her freckled complexion and reached beyond her clear blue eyes. I knew I had her attention when the red hue ran into and under her wind-blown copper bangs.

“You must not want this as badly as you say,” Melanie said.

“Oh yeah?” I jabbed her in the ribs with my elbow and met with muscle. Damn. I’d kill for her tight abs, but forget sit-ups. I didn’t do exercise as a steady diet. “We’ll see about that.” I sounded quite confident despite how I felt and was satisfied for the moment.

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