Ticket to Ride by Cheri Crystal & Rachel Spangler

Ticket to Ride by Cheri Crystal & Rachel Spangler
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-330-2
Ebook Price: $2.00
Length:  11 pages / 4,031 words
Genre: Lesbian Lit
loveyoudivine Category: FemErotica
Rating: Shooting Star

I slid into the skirt, all at once feeling the stirrings of another libido surge and was about to take matters into my own hands, but I fought the urge and looked for a clean thong. Lately, even commercials made me horny, and I had hard time keeping a dry pair of panties. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate at all if I went to the reading commando. Nuh uh. Even I had my limits, but the thought of sitting in the front row like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct entered my mind, and instinctively, I crossed my legs, especially because some of the hottest erotica writers in the biz were going to read to me as I sat front row and center. Where was a fan when I needed it?

* * * *

Laura, the super fan, Laura, who always asked the fun questions, Laura, who always sat in the front row, Laura, who could slay me with just one smoldering look, Laura, whose silky blonde curls I‘d love to run my fingers through, Laura, who owned a sexy little skirt that showed off her devastating legs. Oh yeah, Laura who teased that she was old enough to be my mother. Damn me and my Mrs. Robinson complex, but she was perfect, and perfectly out of my league.
Our little game of bump and rub was quickly becoming more than a cock tease, and it dawned on me that I might actually have an orgasm in the back seat of a Bronco, surrounded by eight of my closest acquaintances, and without actually being touched by a woman I had lusted after only fruitlessly until this excruciating moment.

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