Trucking is Out Now


Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-293-0
Length: 2, 914 words
Genre: Lesbian Erotica
loveyoudivine Category: FemErotica
Rating: Shooting Star

Sam and Gwen still love each other after all these years, but sometimes long-term relationships need a few sparks. With their anniversary coming up, the lovers have very different ideas about how to celebrate. There’s more than a few surprises in store when the art of gift giving takes on a whole new meaning.

“Damn it to hell! I missed the freaking exit.” I slammed my hands on the steering wheel and cursed when the next exit was twenty miles away for a turnaround. What would be the big deal if I bought the plane tickets and the other surprises next year? It was too late to head home, so I tried to grin and bear it.

Twenty more miles became forty to my first stop because of my wandering thoughts. I spotted the exit relieved because I needed a break. I pulled off the highway, weighed in, and took care of business at the rest stop. I reached for my cell phone to ring Gwen at the diner, but then figured she might be busy with the after-movie midnight rush. It was time I took a break, so I plopped down on the bed in the back, not even bothering to get under the blanket Gwen had neatly tucked into the corners. Still horny and thinking of her, I unzipped my jeans, jerked off hard, and exploded within seconds. Instead of feeling satisfied, though, I was more strung out.

I must have had a perpetual hard-on, because I found my hands in my pants when another orgasm woke me up in a sweat. Too restless to sleep, I figured I might as well drive. I popped a piece of spearmint gum into my mouth, hopped out of the cab, and headed into my favorite roadside diner. I nodded a greeting to the heavily made up platinum blonde at the counter.

“Sam, what the hell you doing back here so soon, honey?” Sylvia, my favorite waitress, asked. She acted surprised as she righted the cup and saucer in front of me.

“Hi, Syl. Just doing another run.” She poured my coffee before I sat down. “What’ve you got that’s good?”
“Today’s special. Go on back and shower first. Use the employee washroom. It’s cleaner than the public one”
“Why not? You’re a regular. The boss won’t mind, and besides, he ain’t here.” Syl winked. She’d known me for years from when she’d worked at the diner with Gwen.
“Okay then. Wouldn’t mind a private shower.”

It felt great to step out of my boots and jeans and decompress under the hot spray. I hadn’t realized just how tightly wound up I’d become. I wasn’t under water five minutes when I heard the door open. “Syl? Is that you?”

“The next thing I knew, I wasn’t alone, and some naked redhead slicked her hands all over the front of my body.
“Who are you?”
“Ginger Snap.”

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