Attractions of the Heart is a Finalist for a 2010 Golden Crown Literary Award



“Attractions of the Heart,” my erotic collection of lesbian love stories, has been short-listed in the Lesbian Erotica category of the Golden Crown Literary Awards 2010.
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Congrats to all the Goldy finalists!!! See you at the convention this June. It’s going to be a blast!

Winners will be announced at the annual convention in Orlando, Florida this June. Visit the website for more details.

I hope to see you there.


Bluestockings Reading

Last night at Bluestockings Bookshop in NYC, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Cheri Crystal and JD Glass heated up a frigid evening on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The staff at Bluestockings were the most gracious hosts, the audience simply rocked, and reading with Rachel and JD was an awesome experience. I loved every minute of it and truly appreciate everyone who braved the cold, and the Atlantic flight, to come out and show their support. Here are my pictures. I’m still basking in the glow.

Stay warm, happy and healthy,
Cheri Crystal


Attractions of the Heart: P & E Nominations 2010

My anthology Attractions of the Heart is up for Best Anthology. Whoooo Hooooo. I’m doing a happy dance.

Please vote if you can Thank you.

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Thanks Everyone!

Author of Attractions of the Heart available in Paperback. Click on

Join us at the Virtual Living Room where I’m on the hot seat

Reminder from: Virtuallivingroom Yahoo! Group

Title: Ask the Author: Cheri Crystal – Attractions of the Heart

Date: Friday December 18, 2009
Time: All Day
Repeats: This event repeats every day until Monday December 21, 2009.
Location: Virtual Living Room
Notes: Attractions of the Heart, a romantic collection of erotic short stories, begins with a hot date, and ends with a commitment ceremony. Enjoy a lovely meal at “Lobster Box.” Take a Caribbean vacation and plan ground rules that aren’t set in stone in “Best Friends Don’t F*ck.” How about “Going Fishing” for the ultimate hook up? Or “Taking Chances” on love when the stakes are high. Who said “Climbing Rocks,” “Dogging,” or “Trucking” couldn’t lead to sexcapades? Maybe you need an “Exercise Dyke” for the supreme workout or you wonder when designing a cookbook as a fundraiser for your softball team, “Does The Butch Come With The Recipe?” Maybe you’re ready to take a “Mile High Dare.” Whatever your tastes, Cheri Crystal offers an impressive FemErotica selection. So, have fun with “Tina in Toyland,” hire an “Escort,” say, “Me, Too,” for a three-way, win an award in “Debut,” have a “Nightcap,” or try “Keeping Up With Hornelia,” but don’t miss “Seeing It Through.”

For critically acclaimed, “funny, charming stories,” “crisp writing,” “frank sexuality,” and “top of the line female eroticism,” Cheri Crystal’s Attractions of the Heart has something for everyone.

Cheri Crystal reviews lesbian fiction when she’s not busy spending time with her family, working in healthcare, and writing her own lesbian adventures and erotic romances. She enjoys all types of intellectual and physical activities and considers herself lucky that she can immerse herself in the literary community at every spare opportunity. Cheri has many published stories in anthologies and online with She’s written two novels and is working on a third that she hopes to one day publish. Her first solo anthology, Attractions of the Heart, came out October 4, 2009 and will be launched in Provincetown during Women’s Week. It has her brimming with excitement, pride and joy. Visit Cheri’s Website: or Contact her at She’d love to hear from you.

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Seeing It Through Available on eBook

just sexy rear view, on white

Shelby is a Marine through and through. She views active duty in Iraq as far easier than attending her friend’s commitment ceremony. Escorting April down the aisle to marry someone else is perhaps the toughest thing she’s ever had to do, because when she’s finally honest with herself, she realizes that she loves April and can’t live without her. In this story, a woman must either speak out or forever hold her peace.


I had often relived her sixteenth birthday party, and here on her wedding day, I couldn’t help but go there again. Without mercy, my mind played tricks on me and brought me back to that night. She was sweet sixteen and never been kissed. I knew this for a fact. All the kids in our pack played truth or dare. Someone had dared me to kiss April. And she looked, well, aside from being a total babe, she was suddenly bold, and I felt like a heart attack waiting to happen.

The guys punched their fists in the air, and more than a few girls joined in on the chant. “Do it! Do it!” The whistles and catcalls echoed in time with my heart. I walked over to her, took her hands in mine and gazed directly into her sparkling eyes. She glanced at my lips and licked hers in what seemed like a silent movie in slow motion.

A boy had kissed me, once, but April’s kiss was different. Monumentally different. We leaned toward each other as the shouts grew louder. I placed my lips on hers, not fully registering the noise surrounding us, forgetting what and where I was and why I was doing this in front of our friends. I expected a platonic peck, but she had a better idea. Our first kiss was laced with a lingering caramel nougat flavor and had a sweetness all its own. I can still taste it.

Every cell in my body was on alert from that electrified embrace. She grabbed my head and pulled me close, so that I could feel her breasts, hipbones, and torso. I got carried away, and so did she. The cheering sounded distant and muffled. I felt every lick and suck as if it was happening to my crotch. I couldn’t help the way my entire body responded. I didn’t stop her. I had to have it like morphine after a self-inflicted wound. There was no turning back. And then I let go. I came hard. In my pants. Involuntarily, I shuddered, and although the visual tremor was subtle, I died right then and there. I was more mortified than I had ever been in my mere sixteen years of life. How was I going to face anyone ever again?

April pulled away first, looked at me for a second, and then turned to our gang. She curtseyed. It was all a show to her. She gloated like we’d just pulled off the greatest prank. I fled without looking back. We never talked about what happened that night.


Tina in Toyland available in Sony Reader format too!

Tina in Toyland is now available in multi-format at . Irf format for Sony Readers is available at .
Tina In Toyland – Cheri Crystal
From FemErotica

Can you imagine being a 48 year old, married mother of two who has never owned a vibrator? What was she waiting for? Join Tina after her first trip to toyland and take a ride to orgasmic heaven.

Tina may be a respectable, married mom, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a kinky side too. When Tina’s best friend, Kat, escorts her to Babeland, she discovers more than sex toys at the infamous Manhattan toyshop…there might be a few latent desires that are about to come to the surface. Kat is an award-winning author of lesbian erotica, and Tina is her biggest fan. Lots can happen within the guise of friendship.

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-365-4
Length: 4,596 words
Rating: Star Dust
Genre: Lesbian Erotica
Subgenre 1: Lesbian Lit
Author Bio: Cheri Crystal is a healthcare professional by day and a smut writer by night. Since Debut first appeared in Erotic Interludes 3: Lessons in Love, and is currently on line at, Cheri has published a dozen short stories with Bold Strokes Books, Cleis Press, Alyson Books, Regal Crest Enterprises, Khimairal Ink and loveyoudivine Alterotica. She’s also written two novels and has many more stories to tell.

Other titles published with loveyoudivine:

Keeping up Hornelia
Ticket to Ride
Coming Clean
Top Bird
Mile High Dare
Lobster Box
Best Friends Don’t Fuck
Debut Kumquat, Did You Say?
Taking Chances
Climbing rocks

Cheri Crystal
Attractions of the Heart by Cheri Crystal offers erotic tales of want, will, and desire. There’s nothing as intense as the hunger of a female on the prowl for a woman. Available in Paperback from
ISBN 978-1-60054-298-5
Fall 2009