Published Stories

Published Erotic Short Stories by Cheri Crystal:

Debut-EI3: Lessons in Love-Bold Strokes Books (2006)

Going Fishing-After Midnight -Cleis Press (2006)

Escort-EI4: Extreme Passions-Bold Strokes Books (2006);

Convention-Best Lesbian Love Stories NYC-Alyson Books (2006)

Exercise Dyke-Ultimate Lesbian Erotica-Alyson Books (2007)

Lobster Box-Best Date Ever -Alyson Books (2007)

Trucking-EI5: RoadGames-Bold Strokes Books (2007)

Dogging-Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2008-Alyson Books;

Seeing It Through-Khimairal Ink-on-line-September (2007)

Best Friends Don’t Fuck-Island Girls-Alyson Books (2008)

Nightcap-Regal Crest-(2008)

Does the Butch Come With the Recipe?Khimairal Ink-on-line-January 2009

Keeping Up With

Ticket To Ride, co-author, Rachel

Coming Clean-(2009)

Top Bird-(released April 3, 2009)

Lobster Box-Best Date Ever

Mile High

Attractions of the 2009


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