Upcoming Novels

(Mainstream) A Closet in Syosset portrays real motherhood surrounding family issues and is meant to stir the emotions. Leanne Cohen, a converted Jew from a broken home, wants nothing more than to be like her sister-in-law, Claire, the perfect Jewish wife and mother. Leanne, and her husband, Bruce, reside in suburban bliss on Long Island. They have three adorable children and another on the way. When Bruce is made Vice President of Astro Advertising, it seems Leanne has attained her dream. But she has yet to become a woman of valor. Claire’s inadvertent discovery of Bruce’s homosexuality threatens to destroy the very foundation of Leanne’s life. With the help of Claire’s stubborn wisdom, Leanne finds a way to keep her family united, perhaps beyond the pale, but most importantly, still together.

(Lesbian Romance) A Cottage in the Woods (working title) combines romance, intrigue, and psychological drama.

Forty-three-year-old Jaden Corsi, Manhattan’s most eligible financier and playgirl, has inherited the family business and can have any woman she wants. Jaden bumps into the high-profile attorney, Belinda Berman, who has just won a pivotal case in her publicly acclaimed career. After only a brief exchange, Jaden can’t get the magnetic woman out of her mind.

Belinda Berman, has fame, fortune and a few feathers in her cap. She has it all except a woman to share it with. Turning fifty and still focused on her career, Belinda decides she needs quality time to herself and a country cottage seems ideal.

As if meeting in the Heartland Brewery isn’t coincidence enough, both Belinda and Jaden decide to check out the same property nestled in the woods. The ad promises a retreat from the hustle and bustle of NYC and appeals to both women’s rustic nature. They show up with the intention of just looking, only to end up in a bidding war over the charming, but dilapidated, cottage.

Will they be able to overcome the corruption, misunderstandings, and bad timing that seem destined to pull them apart?

Note: Check back for details of release dates.